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Top global multichannel businesses trust VL OMNI to guide their eCommerce and ERP integrations and move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow and accelerate their business.

Strategic Integration Tailored For Your Needs

Through our managed service, VL OMNI provides strategic consultation to scaling brands, helping them integrate their applications with their complex business rules in mind.

Scale with Ease

Handle high-volume data movements with ease. Our scalable and elastic integrations are agile to change and adapt to your business — not the other way around.

Your Business’ Rules, Our Expert Guidance

Apply business rules directly to data transformations. Our integration connectors can be configured based on your business needs.

Point-to-Multipoint and Bidirectional

Move data from point to multipoint and bidirectional in ways that are meaningful to your business. Aggregate and unify business data of all your sales channels seamlessly.

Improve Customer Experience

Gain business intelligence and visibility into real-time data of your sales channels to consistently deliver a great customer experience across all touchpoints.

What Applications Do You Need To Integrate?

VL OMNI’s most popular Connectors allow you to integrate and automate your business in the ways that matter most to you.

Shopify Plus

Merchants that are looking to integrate Shopify Plus to more applications can do so with our fully scalable and agile Shopify Plus Integration Connector

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Achieve scalable data flow between your online store and ERP system with our Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to Shopify Connector.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV

With our Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Shopify Plus Connector, you can eliminate the need for manual data entry. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Business Central

Create agile data flows between your eCommerce store and Business Central with our Dynamics 365 Business Central Shopify Connector.


ERP eCommerce Integration between AS/400 and your eCommerce platform of choice made easy with VL OMNI’s AS/400 Connector

LS Retail

Integrate LS Retail POS to Shopify Plus and many more applications with this elastic and scalable Connector. 

Our Expertise

Through our exclusive thought leadership, consult our robust collection of ebooks and guides for data integration best practices.

Manhattan Beachwear Streamlines Key Operations and Returns with eCommerce Integration

Manhattan Beachwear needed a flexible and agile solution to reconcile their ERP system and online store together to reach their growth goals.

Shopify B2B Integration Made Easy: Expert-Recommended Solutions

VL OMNI and SparkLayer give expert recommendations on how to strategically build a complex and sophisticated B2B Shopify complex eCommerce solution not covered by Shopify’s own B2B solution.

Integration In The New eCommerce Era: How to Stay Agile and Scalable During Uncertain Time

Learn what to keep top of mind as wade into new and uncertain times for the eCommerce market, new consumer trends, the global supply chain issues, and how brands are responding.

Leveraging Growth Through Integrated and Optimized Fulfillment

This guide seeks to better prepare Merchants for building a more efficient and effective business with the guidance and expertise of Shopify Plus partners, VL OMNI and ShipStation

Walk away with clarity on how to turn your eCommerce and fulfilment challenges into seamless customer experiences and engines of growth for your business.

VL OMNI’s ERP Integration Solution

Our ERP Integration Solution is designed to help Merchants dig deep into their strategic integration vision, needs, and goals. This solution guide will take you through the most common models that are often used to integrate workflows.


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Whether you have complexity in your data, application stack, or revenue streams that out-of-the-box or custom-coded solutions cannot solve, we are here to help!

VL OMNI empowers Merchants to accelerate their growth and sell across the eCommerce landscape with agility through our integration expertise, technical knowledge, and resources.

See how we’ve helped scaling global businesses save time and sell more.

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