Integrate LS Retail
With Shopify Plus

Introducing our LS Retail-Shopify Plus Connector

Accelerate Growth with VL OMNI: We are your trusted GDPR-compliant integration platform partner for real-time, agile and scalable iPaaS data integration. Trusted by over 200+ growing merchants and a network of trusted partners.


How Do We Do It?

VL OMNI’s integrates LS Retail to Shopify Plus and Shopify using the LS OMNI gateway.

Our agile and scalable SAAS data integration empowers your growth!


Who Is It For?

VL OMNI is built on cutting-edge AWS microservices technology. Our connector is for growing brands looking for an agile and scalable data integration solution between LS Retail POS and ERP solutions and Shopify Plus/Shopify ecommerce.


Why Choose Us?

VL OMNI allows LS Retail merchants who want to have an e-commerce presence to move their data in ways that matter most to their customer experience.


Key Features

  • Our Connectors are serverless.
  • Apply your specific business rules to enhance the customer experience.
  • Connectors are agile and scalable to change.
  • EU-GDPR compliant.

Connector Resources

Integrate LS Retail to more applications with VL OMNI. Look at our Connector resources and download our LS Retail-Shopify Plus/Shopify Connector Infosheet, and view our video demonstration. Track all data movements through the VL OMNI dashboard.

Our iPaaS Integration Service Covers All Your Needs