Integrate LS Retail With Shopify Plus

With our LS Retail Shopify Plus Connector

Streamline and scale your business operations with VL OMNI:

We are your trusted GDPR-compliant integration platform partner for real-time, agile, and scalable iPaaS data integration.


Integrate LS Retail to Shopify Plus and many more applications with this elastic and scalable Connector. 

Merchants can move data in real-time from a simple point to one or many, apply business rules directly to data as it moved and more – and in the cloud built on edge IPaaS technology. 

Integration Workflows 

  • Member create
  • Member loyalty status
  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Price
  • Product create
  • Product update
  • Product images from an external source
VL OMNI Connector benefits

The ROI of the VL OMNI Platform

110% ROI per Connector

The average return on investment per implemented VL OMNI Connector (workflow) across all Merchant tiers

$140,000+/year in human resourcing savings

No need to hire developers or support staff, or implement additional technology

90-100% reduction in manual data errors

Apply business-specific rules directly to data as it moves between LS Retail to Shopify Plus store for truly 100% automated data delivery and integration. 

Low return period

The average VL OMNI Merchant recouped all costs for the year of the platform in just four days or less, with an average return on the initial investment period

Integrate LS Retail to more applications with VL OMNI.

Download our LS Retail Shopify Plus Connector Infosheet and view our video demonstration to discover the power of our iPaaS integration service. Track all data movements through the VL OMNI dashboard.

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