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VL OMNI is an integration platform partner for real-time, agile, and scalable iPaaS data integration.

We empower businesses to accelerate growth by integrating their systems, channels, partners, and applications together based on their needs. Top global brands trust us to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow and accelerate their business.

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Our Mission

Our driving mission is to empower businesses to accelerate their growth for the long-term.

As an education-first company that holds to the principal tenets of integrity, longevity, and respect, we believe in long-term relationships that are rooted in a holistic data integration approach. We are passionate about solving integration challenges, making cloud integrations easy for any business so they can focus on growth and consistently meet customer expectations.

We Are Different

VL OMNI’s unique consultative approach to data integration means a better data integration strategy.

We are able to work with complex systems, technology stacks, and customized applications as our integrations match corporate strategy. Our managed service approach allows our pre-built connectors to be tailored to your specific business rules, giving our customers faster implementation times and scalability across their selling channels. 

Let our 30+ years of data integration expertise guide you as we fit the VL OMNI solution to match your business strategy.

Map Out Your Integration Journey With VL OMNI

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About Our Integration Connectors

Our integrations are point-to-multipoint, meaning data from a single application can be sent to multiple targets in a single workflow, giving your business the flexibility to grow without any interruptions or the need to manipulate data at either end of the integration.

Our integrations move data in scheduled batches or via webhooks for real-time data movement and work with GraphQL, REST, and SOAP-based APIs.

VL OMNI Connector benefits

The ROI of the VL OMNI Platform

110% ROI per Connector

The average return on investment per implemented VL OMNI Connector (workflow) across all Merchant tiers

$140,000+/year in human resourcing savings

No need to hire developers or support staff, or implement additional technology

90-100% reduction in manual data errors

Apply business-specific rules directly to data as it moves between MS NAV ERP system to your Shopify Plus store for truly 100% automated data delivery and integration.

Low return period

The average VL OMNI Merchant recouped all costs for the year of the platform in just four days or less, with an average return on the initial investment period

Our Story


VL OMNI, formerly Virtual Logistics Inc., is founded.

1994 - 2007

EDI Integration Specialists

After getting our start in EDI and with ecommerce exploding, we reinvent our brand as a multi-faceted omni-channel data integration specialist company.

2007 - 2013

Omni-Channel Data Integration Experts

With an ever-growing list of connectors and providing solutions on-premise and in the cloud, VL is on the cutting edge of customized data integration.

2013 - Present

Ecommerce Integration Partner

In 2017, we became a Shopify Plus technology partner.

Growing brands looking for an agile and scalable integration solution come to VL OMNI for our expertise with B2B and B2C commerce and EDI. 

Merchants on VL OMNI had an ROI of 1,323% for the 2022 BFCM period, alone

Our Team

We are a business partner of scaling brands around the world and help them build their business for the future.

VL OMNI Shopify Plus Partner Experts
Did you know VL OMNI is a Shopify Plus Expert?

Brands powered by Shopify Plus looking to unlock their growth potential can partner with VL OMNI to reduce manual processes, streamline operations, and centralize and unify various sales channels.

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