ERP Integration​

Revolutionize Your ERP Approach with Ready-Made Workflows

Seamlessly connect your ERP systems with your eCommerce platform, EDI trading partners, POS, marketplaces, and beyond. Our iPaaS managed service empowers fast-growing businesses to fully automate their flow of data across their business.

Our iPaaS managed service makes it easy for fast-growing businesses to connect their ERP systems with a wide range of other platforms and trading partners. With our cutting-edge technology and expert support, you can streamline your business processes and maximize your efficiency like never before.

What Is ERP Integration?

An ERP system, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, is designed to centralize your core back-office processes like accounting, sales, CRM, Inventory, and other sales channels.

Since ERPs work as a process integration engine, they unify various customer-facing activities such as orders, fulfilment, and shipping. That’s why many Shopify users turn to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to run more efficiently and effectively.

The Challenge ERP Integration Seeks To Solve

ERP software helps businesses make better decisions by providing accurate inventory data and optimal levels of stock. This is key to reducing errors and improving efficiency through the automation of back-end processes. An ERP system that’s optimized for inventory management automates necessary functions so that stock purchasing, logistics, inventory, and transferring are in sync.

As brands continue growing, supply chain complexity adds up, and maintaining your ERP becomes impossible. To enable a seamless customer journey, brands must integrate their ERP into other applications. 

ready to automate

If you are looking to integrate your ERP into your technology stack, VL OMNI’s ERP Integration Solution is designed to help Merchants dig deep into their strategic integration vision, needs, and goals.

Our ERP Integration Solution document will take you through the most common models that are often used to integrate workflows.

VL OMNI’s consultative approach asks Merchants to tell us what model of integration matches their current strategy best.

Once we understand your integration growth goals, we go in-depth into your business’s applications, data flow processes, and unique business rules to create a strategic, realistic integration action plan.


VL OMNI'S ERP Integration Solution

Connecting eCommerce, ERP systems is our expertise!​​

Here's what you need to know.

Our ERP Integration Connectors integrate with your ecommerce platform, EDI trading partners, logistics, POS, 3PL, marketplace, and other systems.

Connect and manage orders, inventory levels, product data, shipping updates, and customer information between systems through the VL OMNI Dashboard.

With over 30 years of experience in integration, we have covered numerous systems with point-to-multipoint workflows. Merchants that are seeking the next level of ERP integration can work with us to scale.

Experience the Value of VL OMNI's ERP Integration

Flexible and scalable integrations for growing businesses

Configure the integrations to fit your needs. An agile ERP integration helps your business reduce risk-prone manual processes and focus on growth. 

A single platform to automate and manage multiple processes

Manage all your integrations through a user-friendly headless ready platform, built for business users and technical professionals.

Timely order fulfillment and accurate product availability

Get up-to-date product data to faster order processing. Our Dashboard automatically replays workflows, so users can download data tables for easier data reconciliation and auditing.

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Need To Integrate Your Systems Through File-Based Integration?

File Securely send and receive data in standard file formats such as EDI, XML, CSV, and JSON between legacy systems and modern business systems with VL OMNI.

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