AS/400 Shopify Integration: The Secret Behind Tori Richard’s Powerful Commerce Stack


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To achieve a powerful front-end and back-end experience without unnecessary redevelopment.




Tori Richard re-evaluated its tech stack to achieve a powerful front-end and back-end experience without unnecessary redevelopment. How? Through the creation of a functional front-end and real-time data sync between their AS/400 ERP system and Shopify store.

A Quest To Build A Powerful Ecommerce Technology Stack

Inspired by their island homeland of Hawaii, Tori Richard has defined the resort fashion lifestyle since 1956 with their unique textiles and beautiful prints. Growing in the ecommerce space, Tori Richard was looking for a way to support growing online sales. They identified the need for a robust integration platform to sync key operational areas in their business. After all, the team at Tori Richard was looking to set themselves up for a future back-end platform replacement without sacrificing front-end functionality.

The Need for An Agile and Scalable Integration Solution

By utilizing integration expertise from VL OMNI and creative design and Shopify Plus development from DYODE, Tori Richard was able to reconfigure their ecommerce strategy and take it to the next level. This includes seamless integration between applications, allowing them to focus on their growth and improve their customer experience.

Front & Back-end Revitalization: How VL OMNI and DYODE Helped Transform Tori Richard

After an assessment of Tori Richard’s technology stack options, the solution was created into two key phases. First, our Shopify Plus partners at DYODE, an industry-recognized eCommerce agency focused on strategic consulting, design and development created a beautiful front-end experience that fit Tori Richard with brand aesthetic and contained all necessary functionality.

VL OMNI implemented an integration solution for Tori Richard between their Shopify Plus online store and AS/400 ERP system. We reworked the file standards to facilitate a smooth exchange of data. Consequently, this allowed the operational ERP to better use the incoming data.

VL OMNI also assisted in a large data cleanup in the legacy systems, facilitating a cleaner initial product data upload; a key activity to ensure smooth integration processes for all future orders.


Seamlessly Integrating Shopify Plus and AS/400

Tori Richard wanted to set up their AS400 ERP system to connect to their Shopify Plus Store. When integrating Shopify Plus with an AS/400, it’s crucial to clearly define which fields are going to be managed and edited in the Shopify Plus backend and in AS/400.

Merchants like Tori Richard required seamless sync of Customers, Orders, Products, Shipments, and Price data between Shopify Plus and AS/400. VL OMNI worked closely with the team at Tori Richard to configure a robust AS/400 Shopify Plus Connector that met the business needs and goals of Tori Richard.

With our pre-built Integration Connector, Tori Richard can do all key operations in AS/400 and key eCommerce processes in Shopify Plus without having to manually sync data back and forth or duplicate processes.

Benefits of Shopify AS400 Integration

The benefits of the VL OMNI Shopify and AS/400 Integration include:


The Growth Results for Tori Richard from the Shopify Plus AS/400 Integration Solution

The integration solution created for Tori Richard helped take a functional but old AS/400 to an essential ERP system customized to their particular business and pull it into the modern world. Our joint strategy continues even after the Shopify Plus AS/400 integration was implemented and the online store went live.

We continue providing future strategic planning expertise in partnership with DYODE to ensure any future integration plan for Tori Richard coincides with their current eCommerce build plans. This strategy helps save Tori Richard team money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary re-development.

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