Customer Integration Story: Shopify Plus and AS/400 Integration Solution


Here is an integration story connecting Shopify Plus to their AS/400 ERP system with VL OMNI’s Shopify Plus AS400 Integration Connector. 

Specializing in women’s clothing, our customer is a high-fashion designer label selling worldwide in department stores as well as their own boutiques and Shopify Plus online store. When they realized their eCommerce strategy had issues with their disparate and siloed applications, they knew agile and scalable integration was key to reconcile their systems, reduce manual data entry and reach their growth goals. Here’s how they seamlessly automate the data transfer from their AS/400 system to their Shopify Plus store.

The Need for An Agile and Scalable Integration Solution

By reaching out to experts VL OMNI, our customer was able to reconfigure their eCommerce strategy. Seamless integration between applications allowed our customer to focus on accelerating their growth and improving their customer experience

Seamlessly Integrating Shopify Plus and AS/400

Merchants can seamlessly sync Customers, Orders, Products, Shipments, and Price data between Shopify Plus and AS/400 with the VL OMNI Integration Connector. With our pre-built integration Connector, brands can do all key operations in AS/400 and key eCommerce processes in Shopify Plus without having to manually sync data back and forth or duplicate processes. A robust solution to make the data transfer from AS400 to Shopify easy.


How the Shopify Plus and AS/400 Integration Works

One of the most important parts of a successful ecommerce site is keeping your eCommerce platform and ERP system in sync. VL OMNI implemented an integration solution between our customer’s Shopify Plus online store and AS400 ERP system. The integration provides automated Order, Shipment, and Inventory data movements between Shopify and their AS400 system with EDI transactions.

With VL OMNI, our customer gained a better understanding of the project coordination for integration. Plus, their team gained a deep analysis of their specific data, required business rules and processes for integration logic. VL OMNI provided support prior, during, and after the integration launch. With end-to-end testing of the Shopify AS400 Connector, they were able to go live with confidence and support.

Benefits of the Shopify to AS/400 Integration

Our customer now enjoys the benefits of rich functionality and robust integration between their Shopify store and AS400 ERP system.

The Growth Results from the Shopify Plus AS400 Integration Solution

VL OMNI was able to create a solution unique to our customer while keeping it within an affordable range.

Ultimately, the integration solution created for our fashion retailer customer has helped take a functional but old AS/400, an essential ERP system customized to their particular business over many years, and pull it into the modern world. As a result, they are able to connect their AS400 system without having to implement a new ERP with connectivity.

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