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Landmark Global Shipping Integration

Custom web store and Blue Link ERP eCommerce integration


Here is how Oliberté unleashed the benefits of seamless integration to sell more and pivot with efficiency amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. Featured solutions include Landmark Global shipping integration and Blue Link ERP eCommerce integration.

Wanting to be able to pivot quickly and at scale, Oliberté was looking for agile application integration that would connect their backend applications and systems in a strategic way to handle an increase in sales volume. The solution would help them eliminate risk-prone manual data entry and create a positive customer experience. Let’s look at Oliberté’s journey in creating a sophisticated integration strategy that allowed them to sell more and scale their business.

About Oliberté

Oliberté is a Canadian company that believes in being responsible business globally. Featured on Dragons Den, Oliberte has gone on to become a player in Canada’s homegrown show industry.

Their story began in 2009 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the world’s first fair trade certified footwear factory. Certified as a B-Corp company, they are an identifiable brand that considers the impact of their workers, suppliers and environment Their handcrafted footwear with a focus on supporting workers rights and ethical, sustainable manufacturing. In fact, each pair is handcrafted using the finer materials and created in small batches to ensure an unmatched quality. 

The Need for Seamless eCommerce Integration

With Oliberté dedicating its efforts to grow their business and pivot easily based on their current market needs, they identified the need for seamless integration between their ERP, custom web store, shipping software, and 3LP.

By reaching out to VL OMNI, integration experts, Oliberté was able to reconfigure their eCommerce strategy. VL OMNI has efficiently automated their workflows from their custom website to their ERP and 3LP applications. 


Oliberté’s Scalable Application Integration

These are the key integration workflows created by VL OMNI for Oliberté:

Oliberté uses Blue Link ERP and new orders coming from their custom-built online store are integrated into that Blue Link directly. Simultaneously, all sales orders are integrated into their Landmark Global 3PL shopping software for label creation. 

Thanks to this integration, Oliberté can now benefit from further streamlined despatch processes, helping them to keep costs down, reduce errors and keep customers satisfied.

Agile Landmark Global Shipping Integration

Oliberté has its own in-house shipping. Once products are ready to be shipped, shipping labels are automatically created from their online store as their staff processes orders. That occurs thanks to agile Landmark Global shipping integration. 

VL OMNI loads labels’ meta-data and automates the Blue Link ERP sales orders with the URL to the label. This easily allows Oliberté to print labels for shipping.


Blue Link ERP and Website Integration

VL OMNI also automates Oliberté’s return processes from their website back into their Blue Link ERP. With agility and scalability, integrating and updating Oliberté’s workflows happens in almost real time.

With orders and back-end applications integrated at scale, Oliberté has been able to focus on what truly matters to them. This includes creating an exceptional customer experience and giving back to the community and environment in sustainable ways. 

Pivoting To Help The Community 

In 2019, Oliberté began manufacturing in Canada, continuing to build on their vision to support workers’ rights and environmental stewardship worldwide. They soon grew to diversify their product lineup by acquiring heritage brand Viking Sandals that is the standard in comfort footwear with premium quality materials and construction. With the manufacturing of Viking Sandals in China, Oliberte was in a position to help as the COVID-19 pandemic began to ravage the world in early 2020.

Oliberté was able to quickly pivot their resources and energy to producing high-quality masks for the community shipping from their factory locations in China. After getting certified as an essential business in Canada, Oliberte increased production by buying machinery to make some of the needed masks in Oakville, Ontario where he can manufacture 3.5 million masks per month for the needs of long-term care facilities, government agencies, and other essential services.

With VL OMNI’s Connectors already in place, Oliberté was able to pivot on a dime. The new inventory and products were seamlessly connected to their back-end applications in a consistent and holistic way. Changing their production of products didn’t translate into re-configuring or changing their data integration strategy, this has allowed them to meet the needs of their customers and community.

The Benefits of VL OMNI’s Application Integration

With our prebuilt Integration Connectors, you can eliminate risk-prone manual data entry and errors. Therefore, your business can free up valuable time and resources to focus on growth and selling more.

Benefits of our iPaaS Integration

Whether your business needs seamless shipping, ERP, POS, CRM, or any other eCommerce integration, our iPaaS service will benefit your business.

Here are some of the benefits of using our agile application integrations:

“Thanks to the VL OMNI team, we were able to pivot our operations quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of our community without sacrificing our operational processes. They were truly fundamental to this transition”  - Tal Dehtiar Oliberte

Growth Results and Sophisticated Customer Experience

Now with VL OMNI integration Connectors, Oliberté can pivot faster to meet the needs of the community while having better operational efficiency across their business. Tight integrations powered by VL OMNI reduce the need for manual processes and enable Oliberté to deliver on their customer bases’ demands.

Ultimately, Oliberté can feel confident they can continue to meet customer expectations of quality and excellent customer service with ease. 

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