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Manhattan Beachwear needed a flexible and agile solution to reconcile their ERP system and online store together to reach their growth goals.


Here’s how Manhattan Beachwear elevated their key eCommerce operations, including their orders, fulfillment, inventory, and return process by integrating their siloed applications through agile AS/400 Shopify eCommerce integration.

Manhattan Beachwear eCommerce Integration

About Manhattan Beachwear

Born from a love of beach culture, Manhattan Beachwear is a leading global swimwear and loungewear design and manufacture company. They have become the largest swim and activewear manufacturer in the U.S., producing over 10 million garments per year. 

Based in Orange County, California, they design beautiful swimwear, resort wear and loungewear for brands like LaBlanca and Maxine of Hollywood. Their international operations include manufacturing facilities in Mexico, China and Vietnam, with sales distribution in Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

How VL OMNI Helped Transform Manhattan Beachwear

Manhattan Beachwear needed a flexible and agile solution to reconcile their ERP system and online store together to reach their growth goals. After discussing their integration needs with VL OMNI, they opted to integrate their AS/400 ERP with Shopify Plus using our iPaaS solution.

Our pre-built AS/400 Shopify Integration Connector enables Manhattan Beachwear to do all key operations in AS/400 and key eCommerce processes in Shopify Plus. All without having to manually sync data back and forth, or duplicate risk-prone processes like manual data entry. 

In fact, seamlessly connecting both their ERP system and eCommerce platform ultimately benefits the eCommerce shopping experience. Merchants like Manhattan Beachwear sync Orders, Fulfillments, Inventory, and Returns between Shopify Plus and AS/400 with our Connector. 

How to Streamline Orders, Fulfillments, Inventory and Returns

VL OMNI provides integration for two Manhattan Beachwear brands, LaBlanca and Maxine. Our solution integrates their Orders, Fulfillments, Inventory, and Returns, all in and out of their AS/400 back end ERP system. We also integrate the Loop Returns Shopify app.

Below is the overall integration process created by VL OMNI for Manhattan Beachwear.

Orders, Fulfillments, Inventory via AS/400 Shopify Integration

We integrate the retailer’s incoming Shopify orders, translating each order to a CSV file and posting it to a secure FTP server. The AS/400 system then downloads the orders from the FTP server and brings them into the ERP. 

When the retailer ships orders, fulfillment data in CSV format from the AS/400 system is uploaded to the secure FTP server. VL OMNI then picks up and processes the fulfillments, updating the shipment status of Shopify orders.

Once the retailer updates inventory on their AS/400 ERP, this is exported in CSV format and uploaded to the secure FTP server. We then process the data file and update inventory for the product items and variants specified. 

In fact, VL OMNI supports a wide variety of standard file formats. You can automate your file transfer processes using VL OMNI’s standard file layouts and secure FTP communications using SFTP.

Streamlined Returns via Loop Returns to Shopify Integration

Manhattan Beachwear uses the popular Loop Returns app in their eCommerce store. VL OMNI facilitates enhanced integration between Loop Returns to their Shopify store by:

  1. Generating an RMA request in CSV format to bring into the AS/400 system.
  2. Closing the return on their Shopify store after it has been accepted. Return close data is again generated in CSV format from the AS/400 system.

“VL OMNI and their service offering is a pivotal component of our eCommerce technology stack, they are incredible to work with and well-versed on all-things-Shopify and ERP/WMS integrations.”

Karim Hachem | VP of eCommerce - Manhattan Beachwear

Benefits of the Shopify to AS/400 Integration for Manhattan Beachwear

Manhattan Beachwear now enjoys the benefits of rich functionality and robust integration between their systems. 

The benefits of VL OMNI’s Shopify to AS/400 integration include: 

  • Have a holistic view of your business
  • Return and refund management
  • Agile to change integrations, apply business rules to the integration solution as needed
  • Timely order fulfillment and improved workflow functionality
  • Accurate product availability
  • Faster order processing
  • Real-time visibility into order status, sales channels, and more

Growth Results from Strategic eCommerce Integration

Manhattan Beachwear has benefited from VL OMNI’s managed services by engaging in co-consultation and technical onboarding.

They sought deep integration expertise customized to their specific business rules and growth goals. With ongoing technical support and advice from VL OMNI, Manhattan Beachwear has been able to reduce manual errors, scale with ease and add in technical efficiencies, allowing them to focus on further growth and expansion.

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