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Eliminate cumbersome manual data entry and stay compliant with their EDI vendors


Looking for help to eliminate cumbersome manual data entry and stay compliant with their EDI vendors, Brome Bird Care came to VL OMNI looking for a scalable and compliant EDI integration solution. Let’s take a look at their journey in creating a sophisticated customer experience as they integrate their eCommerce operations.

About Brome Bird

Founded by Paul Cote and headquartered in Quebec, Canada, Brome Bird’s feeders are highly sought after by nature lovers and bird enthusiasts alike. Brome Bird Care feeders are special with their Squirrel-proof patents. Designed to prevent squirrels from eating feed, the squirrel’s weight on the feeder automatically closes the seed ports, denying access to the seed and leaving the squirrels unharmed. Brome Bird Care products are easy to use, made from sustainable materials that are built to last. Plus, they include expert customer service to owners who need maintenance or repairs. Brome Bird Care also contributes to nature study and conservation through donations and community building with nature enthusiasts.

The Need for Seamless EDI Compliance Integration

Growing consistently over the years through various marketplaces and vendors across the United States, Brome Bird Care was faced with multiple retailers and trading partners with EDI requirements.

While looking for an agile EDI integration solution, they trusted the expertise of VL OMNI and its EDI iPaaS Integration.


EDI Integration To Connect Blue Link ERP to Several Trading Partners

Brome Bird came to VL OMNI in 2015 because they needed to integrate multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, Lowes, Walmart USA, and more to their Blue Link ERP. Their EDI compliance needs also meant eliminating manual data entry, increasing their tracking visibility, and allowing them to streamline their EDI operations.

VL OMNI’s integration platform supports EDI transaction processing. In short, this eliminates the need to maintain EDI software, enabling direct connectivity with trading partners. Our EDI in the cloud service provides full support to satisfy all retail requirements, including EDI standards from big-box retailers.

EDI iPaaS Integration for Brome Bird Care

Let’s take a look at the key integration workflows created by VL OMNI for Brome Bird.

Amazon EDI Compliance – Amazon ASN Tracking with Shipments

Alongside the typical EDI transactions such as 850, 856, 810, etc, VL OMNI designed a specific tracking model for Brome Bird that allows them to match tracking numbers with their ASNs. Favorably, this saved Brome Bird hours of manual data comparison and re-entry. In addition, this level of agility allowed their team to confidently comply with Amazon’s EDI standards and compliance requirements.

VL OMNI was also able to solve 3PL warehouse issues. Several packing options were provided so Brome Bird can choose the best one to send to their 3rd party warehouse.


EDI Compliance for Lowes’ and Walmart

Brome Bird Care has multiple trading partners such as Lowes, Walmart. In fact, each trading partner has specific EDI communication methods. To stay compliant and avoid chargebacks, seamless automation is key across all channels. Some common EDI transactions VL OMNI provides Brome Bird Care to automate their sales channels include 753, 850, 860, 865, 875, 880, 810, 882, and detail and non-detail 856 transactions. The VL OMNI platform also handles an outbound 940 to warehouse systems and an inbound 945 from their warehouse systems.

“A pallet details report was created as a guideline to warehouse staff to build pallets according to our customers’ strict specifications. This unique report also provides us with weights and dimensions for routing requests. We are no longer waiting on warehouse staff for this information which means a quicker turnaround and faster order processing.” - Maureen McKinnon at Brome Bird Care

The Benefits of VL OMNI’s EDI Integration

Integration enables Merchants to connect their EDI trading partners to their ERP and other systems. In fact, the benefits of integrating your retail EDI systems with your ERP via an iPaaS are endless. The benefits of EDI integration include:

With over 26 years of integration experience, we have integrated systems point-to-multipoint . Are you seeking the next level of EDI integration solutions? Let’s work together.

Growth Results and Sophisticated Customer Experience

By integrating their ERP and automating EDI communication methods across trading partners, Brome Bird can now meet compliance requirements and eliminate the risk of chargebacks. With VL OMNI’s tracking model and integration reports, they continue to save money and time. And most importantly, they ensure their pick, packing, and shipments are correct and efficient.

With these systems in place, Brome Bird Care is operating at higher operational efficiency. This enables them to deliver on their customer bases’ demands and expectations of quality and excellent customer service. In fact, all thanks to seamless and real-time data integration.

Ultimately, Brome Bird’s team has been able to surpass the issues of compliance and growth with seamless EDI in the cloud integration powered by VL OMNI. All in all, VL OMNI continues to provide strategic planning and solving compliance issues for Brome Bird Care to empower them to reach their full growth potential.

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