What is EDI? VL OMNI EDI In The Cloud


Let’s dive into what EDI is, the importance of being EDI compliant, and how to eliminate retail chargebacks through EDI integration.

What is EDI?

Brands with multiple retailers and trading partners with EDI requirements require an agile EDI integration solution to connect your marketplaces, ERPs, eCommerce platform, and more together.

When looking for help to eliminate cumbersome manual data entry and stay compliant with their EDI vendors, brands should look for a scalable and compliant EDI integration solution. Let’s take a look at how to create a sophisticated customer experience through EDI iPaaS integration.

Our EDI Services – EDI In The Cloud

VL OMNI has been in the EDI business for 26+ years. For the growing business faced with multiple retailers and trading partner EDI requirements, VL OMNI and EDI iPaaS Integration are a full-service EDI solution. Ensuring compliance across all EDI partners, businesses using an ERP or accounting platform that cannot provide compliant data for these purposes have a robust and scalable solution in hand for the long term. Making EDI in the cloud easier for your business.

Our iPaaS integration for EDI covers the following requirements:

  •  Purchase Order subsystem
  •  Invoice processing subsystem
  •  Pic & Pac subsystem for ASN compliance
  •  Manual Pack, Factory Pack, Speed Pack options
  •  Open database to allow integration to other systems
  •  Open database to allow integration to other systems
  •  Front end validation system before data being exported to the host system
  •  And so much more!

Hear about our history and evolution of EDI from rip-and-read to eCommerce EDI in the Cloud. Let us be your EDI expert.

time for a reality check

What Is Possible In Integrating EDI To Shopify? 


Let VL OMNI take you through the nuances of compliance and incompatibility with solutions and help you understand the possibilities and capabilities of EDI on your Shopify store. 



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