Integrate all of your EDI trading partner requirements to your ERP with VL’s EDI Desktop.

For the growing business faced with multiple retailer and trading partner EDI requirements, VL OMNI and EDI Desktop are a full-service EDI solution. Ensuring compliance across all EDI partners, businesses using an ERP or accounting platform that cannot provide compliant data for these purposes have a robust and scalable solution in hand for the long term.

Our EDI Service

  • Purchase Order subsystem
  • Invoice processing subsystem
  • Pic & Pac subsystem for ASN compliance
  • Manual Pack, Factory Pack, Speed Pack options
  • Open database to allow integration to other systems
  • EDI Desktop can be used as a front end validation system for data validation prior to data being exported to the host system
  • Interface to Label Matrix Barcode Software for UCC128 and MH 10 label compliance
  • MS SQL Server database for robustness and high transaction volume
  • Multi Company and Multi User functionality
  • Crystal Reports reporting using a custom report wizard
  • Supports the use of external 3PL facilities with 940 and 945 transactio

Features of VL OMNI and EDI Desktop include a purchase order subsystem, an invoice processing subsystem, and a Pick & Pac subsystem for ASN compliance. ASN features include a manual pack, factory pack, and speed pack option. In fact, EDI Desktop can be integrated into an ERP for front-end data validation and fully supports 3PL facilities for logistics compliance. The VL OMNI service handles ALL ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT transactions.

EDI Desktop is designed to allow a user to satisfy all retail EDI requirements. EDI Desktop was developed for the SMB who is faced with having to respond to retail EDI requirements. These EDI requirements include the 810, 850, 860, 865, 875, 880, 882, and detail and non-detail 856 transactions. EDI Desktop also handles an outbound 940 to a 3PL and an inbound 945 from the 3PL. The Inbound 945 can be used to build an ASN.

Trading partners can be added at any time allowing for flexible and quick responses to EDI demands. Bar Code Software interface is available for Label Matrix for the printing of the UCC 128 labels.