How To Get Your Business Ready For Seasonal Sales Periods

Believe it or not, its mid-summer. This year has been incredibly hard on Merchants and businesses of all sizes. We are still in a world of uncertainty that changes weekly and within regions. But no matter the situation come fall, Back-to-School and Black Friday Cyber Monday are seasonal sales periods that are still happening. These fall shopping seasons are more important than ever.

This year, the ability to shop in-store is not the same. And with the global financial situation continuing to be uncertain in different parts of the world, customers will be looking for deals way ahead of time and be depending on online shopping for all their needs.

As a Merchant, it is imperative to begin preparing now. Above all else, your back-end systems must be integrated together seamlessly to allow you to scale and expand to handle the increasing wave in traffic and sales orders. As always it starts with creating a strategy that encompasses your entire technology stack and understands how data moves throughout your business from purchase to delivery.

Get ready for any seasonal sales periods

With COVID-19 at play this year, it is even more crucial to expand your offerings beyond in-store and online, but consider multiple avenues like curbside pickup, third party delivery and social media shopping on Instagram and Facebook. Ultimately, giving your customers the best, most transparent customer experience you can give is key to keeping your customers informed, loyal, and coming back to your business in good times and bad.

VL OMNI has for 26+ years been preparing Merchants to ready their businesses to be agile and scalable at any time. Take a look at our collection of important ebooks, infographics, and reports on how to set an integration strategy and what to consider when putting together a cohesive seasonal selling strategy. Get your business ready for seasonal sales periods.

1. Integration During Covid-19: How to Stay Agile and Scalable

It has been months weeks since COVID-19 has disrupted the world and business as we knew it. As of today, things are still inflow, and the impact of COVID-19 on business continuity persists. In this case, eCommerce has taken over as a de facto way for people to get what they need. VL OMNI wants to empower Merchants and democratize all our knowledge to the community so Merchants can maintain their growth trajectories. Therefore, helping Merchants stay agile and scalable through the power of data integration.

In this ebook, you’ll find important information about the impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce, consumer trends, the supply chain, and how brands are responding. We’ll also dive deep into integration strategies and business-saving solutions like curbside pickup to help you adapt and operate successfully. Finally, we look at how to make key integration investments to prepare for a post-COVID world.


2. Is Your Shopify Plus Store Ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday?

Ask yourself: “Am I manually keying in data between my systems as an ‘integration’ method?” and “Do I use workarounds for common tasks?” If ‘yes’ is the answer to either of these questions, pause. These are genuine red flags that will impact your ability to have a smooth and successful BFCM season this year. VL OMNI knows from experience with multichannel merchants that BFCM can take businesses off guard due to the sheer volume of orders.

This is a perfect storm for failure in undersized integrations (for one). Custom hard-coded (PHP) integrations can fail just like plug-and-play integrations under the intense pressure of BFCM, just like not having the right systems (like an ERP or WMS) can impact the end-user experience deeply. After all, the customer experience you cultivate with your customers over this season will leave a lasting impression for the year(s) to come.


infographic flow chart



3. Lessons In Integration: Preparing For A Successful Black Friday Cyber Monday

The name of the game is now ‘prepare thoroughly and prepare early’.

In order to prepare early and thoroughly, start by taking a look at our ebook below. We present to you a real-life story (and accompanying analysis) from real customer shopping on BFCM, and how the merchant took what makes for great customer experience for granted, ultimately disappointing the customer. This story (and many others like it) serve to highlight the message that if you neglect any aspect of the customer experience, your customers will notice (and especially true of BFCM). Moreover, a successful BFCM on a merchant’s books is not the same as a successful BFCM from where your customer sits.




Ready To Make Your BFCM The Best Yet?

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