An iPaaS platform for agile and scalable data integration. Trusted by global multichannel businesses.

Whether you have to do EDI, connect to a web-based API, or move data in the cloud – we can set up a data integration solution designed for your business.

Our iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) empowers businesses to accelerate their growth by integrating their systems, channels, and applications together in ways that matter most to their needs. Making data integration easy and simple for any business is our driving mission.

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Ask yourself these questions:

Instead of a one-size-fits all approach, VL OMNI looks at each business’s data integration needs as unique. With different application mixes, trading partners, data translations, and more;

  • Rapidly growing? Plug-and-play, DIY or other data integration products not meeting your integration requirements or business rules?
  • Want to integrate your cloud-based applications and your on-premise applications in a seamless manner?
  • Do you need to integrate EDI, XML, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs or any other data sources to your SAAS applications or in-house on-premise software?
  • Are you finding it too costly to develop and maintain in-house custom built integration solutions?
  • Are you looking to outsource all your data translation needs to a reliable service provider?
  • Do you need to connect a cloud-based webstore to an in-house system?
  • Need to connect a cloud-based SAAS API to another cloud-based SAAS API?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions. You’ve come to the right place!

The Impact of VL OMNI

VL OMNI serves businesses in the following verticals that are rapidly scaling and have outgrown their previously used integration solution:

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