Ask yourself these questions:

Instead of a one-size-fits, all approach VL’s OMNI looks at each business’s data integration needs as unique. With different application mixes, trading partners, data translations, and more;

  • Rapidly growing? Plug-and-play, DIY or other data integration product not meeting your integration requirements or business rules?
  • Want to integrate your cloud-based applications and your on-premise applications in a seamless manner?
  • Do you need to integrate EDI, XML, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs or any other data sources to your SAAS applications or in-house on-premise software?
  • Are you finding it too costly to develop and maintain in-house custom built integration solutions?
  • Are you looking to outsource all your data translation needs to a reliable service provider?
  • Do you need to connect a cloud-based webstore to an in-house system?
  • Need to connect a cloud-based SAAS API to another cloud-based SAAS API?

VL OMNI serves businesses in the following verticals that are rapidly scaling that have outgrown their current integration solution:

B2B and B2C Retail | Ecommerce  | Logistics Services, including 3PLs & Fulfillment Houses | Grocery | Healthcare Procurement | Manufacturing & Automotive

If you have answered yes to any of these questions. You’ve come to the right place.

Introducing VL OMNI: customizable and totally scalable omnichannel data integration solution for growing businesses. Whether you have to do EDI, connect to a web-based API, or move data in the cloud – we can set up a data integration solution designed for your needs and business.