eCommerce Integration

Integrate product data and inventory from your online store or marketplaces with your ERP systems, EDI trading partners, logistics systems, and beyond with our eCommerce integration solutions.

Our iPaaS managed service empowers fast-growing global businesses to connect and manage sales orders, inventory levels, product data, shipping updates, and customer information between systems.

Connecting Marketplaces and eCommerce is our expertise!

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Both an eCommerce and marketplace presence have become mainstream for brands today. While eCommerce marketplaces enable brands to sell their products on their platform, it’s up to businesses to learn how to sell on these channels and comply with specific platform requirements.

Whether you sell on your Shopify ecommerce site, Amazon, Walmart or anywhere else, agile eCommerce integration will enhance your store’s capabilities and keep you compliant. This is how growing brands handle high volume sales and complexity without manually managing data across systems.

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Enter VL OMNI: Agile and Scalable Integrations

The VL OMNI platform enables ERP marketplace integration and ERP eCommerce integration to help brands scale their business. With over 26 years of integration experience, we have covered various systems that have often required point-to-multipoint workflow.

Let us be your eCommerce integration expert!

Integrate Your eCommerce Site Data Across Many Sales Channels​

Sync your core systems and applications to optimize the power of your data across your entire business.

A single integration platform to automate multiple systems

Manage all your integrations through a user-friendly headless ready platform, built for business users and technical professionals.

Agile and scalable eCommerce integrations

Configure the eCommerce integrations to fit your needs. From up-to-date product data to faster order processing, an agile eCommerce integration can save you time and money.

Timely order fulfillment and accurate product availability

Enjoy real-time data movement across all your sales channels. Our Dashboard automatically replays workflows, so users can download data tables for easier data reconciliation and auditing purposes.

Top global multichannel brands trust us to move data seamlessly across their business

Streamline your eCommerce operations:

Expand to new channels and grow sales — all from a single, unified integration platform.