Turning the Page: Preparing for the Next Frontier of eCommerce

eCommerce growth has slowed from the highs seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet it continues to be a vital sales and distribution channel for D2C brands and traditional retailers alike. As we head into 2024 and beyond, businesses should reflect on how to keep pace with customer expectations for more thoughtful shopping experiences.

VL OMNI is featured in Ryder Whiplash’s ebook alongside partners, Boox, Ecocart, Ghost, Gorgias, Tapcart, and Tomorrow. Download the latest e-book and explore how you can embrace circular, revenue-saving solutions for everything from shipping to customer support, bolstering operational and environmental sustainability in the process.

VL OMNI Feature

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, the trend of leveraging data integration for split shipments is poised to revolutionize how businesses fulfill customer orders. Split shipments involve dividing a single order into multiple shipments, each sent from different locations or at different times.

VL OMNI’s feature in the ebook focuses on embracing data integration for split shipments. Brands that leverage this trend will not only thrive in 2024 and beyond but will also be well-equipped to navigate the dynamic and transformative retail landscape with confidence and agility.

Having a partner who understands the complexities of split shipments and offers tailored solutions to deliver exceptional service is a massive strategic advantage. As you navigate the challenges of split shipments in 2024 and beyond, trust VL OMNI’s integration platform to optimize your fulfillment strategy and drive growth in your e-commerce operations. It’s time to embrace the future of split shipments with confidence!

What’s Inside?

  • Learn what trends and technologies e-commerce merchants should keep in their sights as we head into 2024.
  • Understand how e-commerce brands can prevent that all-important repeat revenue from slipping through the cracks.
  • Discover how to build a sustainable, circular operation by embracing inventory optimization, resale, shipping management, and more.


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