VL OMNI’s ERP Integration Solution

Integrating an ERP is a huge undertaking. The type of ERP used will define what kind of integration is possible within your technology stack. Legacy ERP can be limiting depending on your integration needs and a newer tier-one ERP will have expanded functionality and better APIs that can be integrated in more complex and customized ways based on your specific business rules. 

But how can you know what kind of integration options are open to you? 

If you are looking to integrate your ERP of choice into your technology stack, VL OMNI’s integration solution is designed to help Merchants dig deep into their strategic integration vision, needs, and goals.

Let’s get started with the different types of ERP integration models that are most common.

ERP Solution


Our consultative approach asks Merchants to tell us what model of integration matches their current strategy best — the traditional ERP-Centric Model or the Hybrid-Centric Model. 

The ERP-Centric Model is often traditional and uses the ERP as the brand’s central point of truth, meaning it is that data center in which all data flows to and from other applications. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this model of data movement and there are a lot of integration solutions that can help with this model.

The Hybrid-Centric Model is slightly different and often uses the primary eCommerce platform, like Shopify as their central point of data truth. This is also a perfectly acceptable method of data movement and often makes the most sense to DTC brands. From an integration point of view, it can complicate things and special strategic attention needs to be placed on understanding how data flows through the Merchants’ infrastructure and where it needs to be. 

VL OMNI specializes in discerning what type of integration strategy is needed based on the chosen model. Our consultation process allows us to identify what the best overall strategy is for the technology stack being used. 

ERP’s allows for many different approaches to be used, this Integration Solution document will take you through the most common models that are often used to integrate workflows.

VL OMNI'S ERP Integration Solution


Strategic Data Integration Benefits 

The Strategic Consultation process allows us to understand your integration growth goals. VL OMNI will spec out and technically go in-depth into your business’s applications, data flow processes, and unique business rules to create a strategic, realistic integration action plan for your brand.

  • Integration Solution
    An integration solution that is tailored to your business requirements taking into account your ERP-centric or Hybrid-centric model.
  • Action Plan
    Receive a deeply technical actionable solution and action plan validated against your data and availability.
  • Define Your Growth
    We help to define your technology stack to ensure you meet your strategic goals, creating a solution for your business around what is possible


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