eCommerce Integration with Dynamics 365

VL OMNI and Pangea Consultants team up for their first webinar, eCommerce Integration with Dynamics 365 – The Challenges, Benefits, Process, and Implementation.

We have a great deep discussion about the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and the strategic integration needed to connect all your applications together.

We dive into how implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP can transform your business alongside agile and scalable cross-application integrations. This Q/A session gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions about implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Leverage our experts and come away with practical advice and effective strategies for your business.

Listen To The Whole Conversation Here


Robin H. Smith

CEO & Co-founder of VL OMNI
With over 25 years of experience in supply chain and data integration, Robin H. Smith is Co-Founder and CEO of VL OMNI, a serverless microservices iPaaS platform that is both elastic and scalable to the demands of scaling ecommerce and multichannel merchants.

Santiago Morale

Managing Partner of Pangea

His leading global mission is to help his clients’ organizations thrive by bringing their disparate applications together in a cohesive, productive system. He has dedicated his life to providing consulting services, optimizing, and guiding companies to reach their ultimate potential, relying on Microsoft Dynamics 365 business app solutions.

Interested In Implementing and Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365?


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