7 Things To Consider Before Buying Software

Implementing the right eCommerce technology stack is fundamental for business growth. This presentation covers key questions to ask to make an empowered selection when shopping for software.

Shopping for Ecommerce Technology Is A Strategic Exercise

During Prosper Show, our team had the chance to talk about integration strategy and technology with a crowd of rapidly growing businesses looking to jump on smarter, better, faster, and more agile solutions.

The presentation provided attendees with targeted, actionable strategic insight on how to build a technology stack with strategy at its heart for all stages of eCommerce and omnichannel business growth. 

The Right Questions to Ask When Shopping for Software for Long-Term Profits

 Things to Consider Before Buying Software

Whether you are looking for an eCommerce platform, ERP system, CRM, POS, inventory management system — or anything in between, this video will help you make an informed decision.

As integration experts, we covered important topics in eCommerce such as:

  • The right questions to ask when buying software
  • Tips on how Merchants can maximize technology and partner capabilities before onboarding any solutions as part of your technology stack.
  • How to shop for eCommerce technology
  • The strategy behind technology investments

Find out how to buy eCommerce technology and software for your fast-growing business! 

How to Choose the Right Commerce Technology

Onboarding a solution should go hand-in-hand with a well-thought-out strategy. Access our set of resources to help you choose the right eCommerce technologies for your business. From a scalable eCommerce platform, an agency-designed website, a fully developed email marketing program, and integrations to seamlessly connect your systems together, find out how to choose the right eCommerce tech for your brand.

Learn everything you need to know about eCommerce integration here!

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