High-Volume Sales Period Toolkit

Prepare your business for peak selling seasons today.

Get your business ready for high-volume selling seasons, including Black Friday Cyber Monday, the 2022 holiday shopping season, and more!

Maximize Peak Selling Seasons

The 2022 holiday shopping season will be unique. This means it’s more important than ever to prepare for the influx of eCommerce sales. With BFCM and the holiday selling season approaching, plus the realities of COVID-19, let VL OMNI help you get your business ready for the busiest time of the year.

What you’ll find in this toolkit:

We’ve put together a unique set of resources that will help you navigate the complexities of peak selling seasons successfully.

Get both guides now in this limited offer and learn how to navigate this shopping season.

Lessons In Integration: Preparing For A Successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday & Cyber Monday is one of the biggest sales seasons of the year. Discover how to get your business ready for BFCM and high-volume selling periods by evaluating your integration strategy. After all, your integrations affect everything from your data down to your customer’s experience.

In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • Insightful tips for successful high-volume selling periods.
  • Discover what to improve within your business for BFCM, the holiday selling season, and beyond.
  • A real-life story (and accompanying analysis) from real customers shopping on BFCM.
  • Important questions your business must consider to identify the state of your integration processes now.

Integration In The New eCommerce Era: How to Stay Agile and Scalable During Uncertain Time

Learn what to keep top of mind as wade into new and uncertain times for the eCommerce market, new consumer trends, the global supply chain issues, and how brands are responding. We’ll dive deep into integration strategies and business-saving solutions to help you adapt and operate successfully and how to make key integration investments to prepare for a post-COVID world. 

In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • Practical information on the impact of economic instability, inflation and new eCommerce, consumer trends, and the supply chain.
  • How brands are maintaining business continuity despite increasing pivots today.
  • Useful strategies for Merchants to prepare for a post-pandemic world.

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