Infusing Excellence: Inside LEVO Oil’s Seamless Shopify to Propack Integration


LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc.


 3PL, eCommerce Integration


Shopify, Propack 3PL


Denver, Colorado




LEVO Oil sought to streamline order management between their Shopify store and Propack fulfillment system to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The case study outlines LEVO Oil’s transition into B2B eCommerce, focusing on their integration challenges between Shopify and Propack. Facing hurdles like inefficient order processing and inventory tracking discrepancies, LEVO sought a solution to streamline their operations. They turned to VL OMNI for an innovative integration solution.

Navigating the eCommerce Landscape: LEVO's Integration Journey

At LEVO, their passion lies in discovering natural pathways to wellness through the infusion of fresh ingredients at home. Their products empower individuals to create customizable recipes, unlocking the full spectrum of benefits from wholesome herbs. Utilizing a process that has been employed for centuries, LEVO’s patented technology allows for the extraction of the whole plant’s nutritional and medicinal properties without the need for additives or solvents.

LEVO was born out of a desire to simplify and improve the infusion process. With over 800 retail locations and a dedicated team based in Denver, Colorado, LEVO continues to revolutionize herbal infusion, offering creative freedom and superior results to its customers.

Streamlining Integration between Shopify and Propack:

LEVO Oil, faced with the challenge of optimizing order management workflows between their Shopify store and Propack fulfillment system, sought a solution to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. With diverse use cases and specific requirements, they turned to innovative integration solutions by VL OMNI to meet their evolving needs.

Tackling Challenges: LEVO's Path to Seamless Integration

LEVO Oil encountered several challenges in their order management process. Firstly, they struggled with inefficient order processing as orders had to be manually filtered before being sent to Propack, resulting in delays and errors.

Additionally, they faced difficulties in cross-referencing shipping methods using country-specific codes, leading to inconsistencies in order fulfillment. Another challenge was the inability to add special notes using specific Shopify tags and metafields, which limited communication with customers and hindered their ability to provide personalized service.

Lastly, inaccurate inventory tracking in both Shopify and Propack caused discrepancies and stockouts, further complicating their operations and impacting customer satisfaction.

These challenges highlighted the need for a comprehensive integration solution to streamline workflows and improve efficiency across the board.

Tackling Challenges: LEVO's Path to Seamless Integration

To address their challenges, LEVO Oil implemented a comprehensive integration solution provided by VL OMNI. This solution leveraged pre-built connectors for Shopify and Propack, supplemented by a custom connector specifically designed for order edits. VL OMNI played a crucial role in facilitating this integration, ensuring seamless communication and data exchange between LEVO Oil’s Shopify store and Propack. This integration facilitated efficient order management and synchronization of inventory between the two platforms, improving overall operational efficiency.

With the integration solution in place, LEVO Oil was able to tackle specific use cases to enhance their order management processes as:

Overall, the integration solution provided by VL OMNI equipped LEVO Oil with the tools and capabilities necessary to mitigate order delays and streamline the order management workflow, ultimately overcoming their previous challenges and optimizing their order management processes to improve efficiency.

"When we needed to take the next step in our order processing and management systems but were not ready for a full ERP suite, we turned to VL OMNI to create a custom solution at a manageable cost. Their integration has brought much-needed reliability to our inventory tracking and allows us more control over order edits and syncing. It gave us the confidence we sought after of accurate data processing and has saved us countless hours on manual work that we previously took on. LEVO is very grateful for their expertise throughout the process and continued support on the day to day."
Sarah Igram

Enhancing Efficiency: The Impact of VL OMNI's Order Editing Solution

For LEVO Oil specifically, the implementation of a delay on webhooks allowed for order editing using apps or manual intervention before orders were sent to Propack. This feature enabled the unbundling of specific items and the creation of separate lines for kit items. Additionally, it facilitated modifications to orders or items in cases of stockouts or incorrect items ordered (But! its important to note that ordering editing has limitations currently on Shopify’s side).

VL OMNI specifically focused on LEVO Oil’s business rules and built integrations around their specific use case. LEVO Oil’s integration continue to be configured to their needs, rather than forcing them into a standardized integration box. This ensures seamless order management. 

Measuring Success: A Breakdown of LEVO Oil's Achievement

By harnessing cutting-edge integration solutions and customizing workflows, LEVO Oil has effectively streamlined order management between Shopify and Propack. This optimization has led to smoother processes, better communication, and increased efficiency, culminating in a seamless and gratifying customer journey, positioning themselves for expansion and growth. 

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