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What is iPaaS?

iPaaS approach, data integration, point to multipoint


Looking for in-depth information on Marketplaces? Your business is scaling rapidly, and expanding your ecommerce channels is a great way to get in front of a large and often international audience. Approaching any new channel with as much information in hand is crucial. Download VL’s how-to-guides to stay informed!

Amazon: A Comprehensive How-To Guide for Omni-Channel SMBs


eBay: A Comprehensive How to Guide For Omni-Channel SMB’s

eBay-How-To-Guide-Icon A Comprehensive How to Guide For Omni-Channel SMB’s Post Walmart Acquisition


Best Buy: A Comprehensive How to Guide For Omni-Channel SMB’s



Download VL’s Ebook full of in-depth analysis, expert advice, and key best practices so that your business can learn how to make the most of your growth!

Data Integration 101: A Complete Introductory Guide

What is data integration and why is it important?

Headless Commerce: The Complete Integration Guide Ebook

Headless Commerce

Using Data Beyond The Transaction: Developing A Unified Customer Experience

Using Data Beyond The Transaction banner

Lessons In Integration: Preparing For A Successful Black Friday & CyberMonday

How To Reinvigorate Your Business Technology Stack – A VL OMNI Ebook

Empower Your Business Growth Ebook

ebook empower your business growth come to the table prepared

Three Common Ecommerce Integration Issues And Their Solutions: A Whitepaper

An Ecommerce Whitepaper

A Thought Leadership Guide to EDI for SMBs

A Thought Leadership Guide to EDI for SMBs (A VL OMNI Ebook)

Data: A Practical Approach for SMBs

Data: A Practical Approach for SMBs (A VL OMNI Ebook)

Complete Business Guide To...

Looking for ecommerce-specific resources? VL has you covered from all angles – data integration and automation included, of course. Bookmark this page as VL will be updating it regularly with new resources!

A Complete Business’ Guide to inRiver PIM

inriver, complete business guide to inriver, resources, inriver resources

A Complete Business’ Guide to BigCommerce

A Complete Business Guide to BigCommerce

A Complete Business’ Guide to Shopify

A complete business guide to Shopify Plus

A Complete Business’ Guide to Amazon

VL OMNI Amazon Seller Central Amazon Vendor Central data integration and automation SaaS ecommerce ebook, infographic, presentations, webinars, videos etc

A Complete Business’ Guide To Magento

A Complete Business Guide to Magento

A Complete Business’ Guide to Blue Link ERP

Blue Link ERP integrations with ecommerce platforms, markeplaces and CRM. Find all resources on Blue Link ERP

A Complete Business’ Guide to Copper

A complete business guide to Copper

A Complete Business’ Guide to Walmart

A-Business-Complete-Guide-to-Walmart (1)

A Complete Business’ Guide To eBay

Ebay resources, ebook, infographics, blogs. All ebay resources here

What is Data Integration?

Learn about the basics of agile and scalable data integration and how to empower your business growth.


Take a look at some visuals that explain the VL OMNI process, what VL does and how we do it! Find all our demonstration videos, connector videos and visual recaps of events!

iPaaS approach, data integration, point to multipoint

The Multipoint iPaaS Approach

connector video, how they work, shopify plus

VL OMNI Connectors (How They Work)


Based on Presentations VL has given at exclusive events, download our thought-leadership presentations that speak to the state of ecommerce, integration, and ways to empower your business.

Right Questions to Ask When Shopping for Software: A VL OMNI Presentation 

the right question to ask when shopping for long term profits, strategy presentation

Integration Strategies For Long-Term Growth: A VL OMNI Presentation 

integration strategies for long term growth data integration presentation

Common Traits For High Growth Success: A VL OMNI Presentation 

manchester presentation common traits for high growth success, data integration presentation

How Your Data Integration Strategy Can Help or Hinder Long-Term Scalability

Learn how to use data integration to help your business have long term scalability. Download the presentation slides and learn how to take your shopify plus store to the next level

How To Master E-commerce For Your Business: A VL OMNI Presentation 

Integrating Your Ecommerce Store with ProsperWorks [Presentation Slides]

Leveling Up: Taking Advantage of the ProsperWorks API 

ProsperWorks VL OMNI webinar, ProsperWorks API integration with GSuite, data connector with ProsperWorks CRM and VL OMNI

Millennials & The Trends They Inspire: A VL OMNI Presentation 

Millennials and the trends they inspire cover webinar

The Benefits of Integrated EDI: A VL OMNI Presentation 

The Benefits of Integrated EDI: How to Get and Keep Your Omni Channel Business Healthy

Improve Customer Experience & Retention: A VL OMNI Presentation 

Improve Customer Experience & Retention: Why Data Integration is a Game Changer

Four Case Studies on Customized Data Integration: A VL OMNI Presentation 

Four Case Studies on Customized Data Integration: Challenges, Solutions, Results


VL’s webinars go in-depth into issues that matter to the ecommerce data integration community. Get some great, insightful knowledge in these webinars full of experts and practical solutions.

VL OMNI features on Ecommerce FASTLANE podcast with Shopify's Steve Hutt

 How Scaling Shopify Brands Cohesively Tie All Their Applications Together To Build Brand DNA

webinar, gdpr reality check, general data protection regulations

GDPR Reality Check – How Will Regulations Impact My Ecommerce Business

Deliver Your Own Growth Webinar Header

Deliver Your Own Growth: How Strategically Integrated Delivery Can Accelerate GMV


VL’s infographics give you a visual interpretation of the important aspects of multichannel data integration, current trends, and market changes.

5 Common Approaches

To Data Integration

Top 20 Ecommerce

Trends For 2020

Top 20 Ecommerce Trends for 2020 Infographic by VL OMNI

Scaling Businesses Require

Agile Data Integration 

Scaling businesses require agile data integration

Deliver Your Own Growth

A VL OMNI Infographic

Deliver Your Own Growth

Winning The Amazon Buy Box

A VL OMNI Infographic

amazon buy box infographic

 9 Ecommerce Trends For 2019

A VL OMNI Infographic

ecommerce trends for 2019 infographic

Is Your Shopify Plus Business Ready For Black Friday Cyber Monday?

shopify plus, black friday cyber monday, infographic,

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Creating a Flawless Customer Journey

black friday, cyber monday, infographic, customer journey

Common Traits For High

Growth Success

common traits, high growth success, infographic, high growth brands

Resources By Application

Looking for detailed and indepth information on ecommerce platforms and the integration solutions needed to scale with them? Download VL’s in-depth whitepapers here.

VL OMNI Shopify Plus Connector Information Sheet 

VL OMNI AS/400 Connector Information Sheet 

AS/400 to Shopify Plus Integration Infosheet

VL OMNI Lineten Connector Information Sheet 

vl omni lineten infosheet

VL OMNI Oracle Netsuite Connector Information Sheet 

infosheet vl omni netsuite

VL OMNI LS Retail Shopify Plus Connector Information Sheet 

ls retail vl omni shopify plus

VL OMNI Peoplevox Info Connector Sheet

peoplevox infosheet

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