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eCommerce Integration Planning

Robin H. Smith has over 28 years of experience in supply chain and data integration. As CEO and Co-Founder of VL OMNI he discusses with Avex Designs how Shopify Merchants can benefit the most from a managed service approach. The VL OMNI platform enables ERP marketplace integration and ERP eCommerce integration to help brands scale their business. With over 26 years of integration experience, we have covered various systems that have often required point-to-multipoint workflow.


What You Will Learn In Today’s Episode

In this episode, John Surdakowski from Avex Designs speaks to Robin H. Smith, VL OMNI’s CEO and Co-founder about eCommerce integration planning on Shopify. 

Both an eCommerce and marketplace presence have become mainstream for brands today. While eCommerce marketplaces enable brands to sell their products on their platform, it’s up to businesses to learn how to sell on these channels and comply with specific platform requirements.

Whether you sell on your Shopify ecommerce site, Amazon, Walmart or anywhere else, agile eCommerce integration will enhance your store’s capabilities and keep you compliant.  John and Robin dive into how this is how growing brands handle high volume sales and complexity without manually managing data across systems.


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This clip looks at how strategic consultation works at VL OMNI

Based individually on the needs of the Merchant, a series of workshops based on chosen workflows are set with our integration experts. 

Take advantage of our technical expertise by going in-depth in mapping data flows throughout your application stack with your specific business rules in mind. Engage in testing and confirm if internal processes and API’s work before going live with your integration project. You can feel confident that your integration solution fits your business needs, instead of forcing your business to change to fit within a boxed solution. 

Strategic Integration With VL OMNI

This clip focuses on a key aspect in integration. Understanding the downstream effect on the business when small issues arise. What is the cost around customer service issues when using a plug-and-play solution?

Sophisticated Merchants understand the value of the customer experience and losing a customer based on small manual data entry mistakes will not just cost money, but customer trust and future loyalty. 

Map Out Your Integration Journey With VL OMNI

Mirror our onboarding process, our unique consultation service asks our Merchants to tell us their integration growth goals and we, in turn, spec out and technically go in-depth into their applications, data flow processes, and unique business rules to create a strategic, realistic integration action plan. 

Downstream Affects of Poor Integration

This clip focuses on headless commerce. Headless commerce is still relevant from an integration perspective. From an integration perspective, we focus on back-end APIs, with the focus on timing the integrations to the Merchant’s needs. 

Check out the highly downloaded guide:
Headless Commerce — The Complete Integration Guide

 In this integration-first look at what it will take to make headless commerce a reality for many, this ebook presents real considerations and implications of headless commerce and the coming second generation of ecommerce approaches. From different ways to approach headless commerce, to major issues and implications a headless future will have on the ecommerce and commerce industries, readers will come away with a true technical understanding of what it takes to become headless — or even just headless ready.

Headless Commerce From An Integration Perspective

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