EDI Applications: The Hidden Costs of An App for EDI Integration

Buyer beware if you see EDI integrations in an App, that’s a red flag. Find out how EDI integration really works, why an EDI app is not a fully integrated solution, and how to identify ineffective EDI apps.

EDI Integrations In An App? That’s A Red Flag

EDI integrations were never meant to be downloaded in an app. If you see eCommerce agencies or other providers selling you in-app integration Connectors, that is a huge red flag. For instance, if they offer a “fully integrated” EDI application. This shows they don’t understand how EDI works nor how complex EDI requirements are for different trading partners can be.

EDI integrations are specific to each trading partner.  When EDI integration is incorrect or has errors, trading partners can charge Merchants with Chargebacks for each incorrect transaction. In fact, this can total thousands of dollars in fees for Merchants who rely on inaccurate and unsophisticated EDI apps.

Let The EDI Experts Handle It

Our iPaaS service enables EDI ERP integration for front-end data validation and fully supports 3PL facilities for logistics compliance. Plus, our platform supports all EDI communication methods such as AS2, FTPS, SFTP, or VAN. With over 26 years of integration experience, we have covered systems that have often required point-to-multipoint. After all, point-to-point integration limits the levels of scalability of growing Merchants.

Additionally, VL OMNI has facilitated Shopify EDI integration for many global enterprise businesses across the globe.

Check our Customer Stories to find out how we have successfully integrated EDI with other systems.

What Is Possible In Integrating EDI To Shopify? 


Let VL OMNI take you through the nuances of compliance and incompatibility with solutions and help you understand the possibilities and capabilities of EDI on your Shopify store. 

What Are The Benefits of Agile EDI Integration?

With our EDI iPaaS integration, your business can:

  • Eliminate the need for manual entry and maintaining your EDI software
  • Configure the integrations to fit your business’ needs
  • Enjoy automatic and real-time data movement
  • Strengthen your back-office systems to handle large order volumes


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