Shopify Plus EDI Integration: A Strategic Move for Your Business

Even though APIs may be the EDI of the 21st century (and beyond), EDI is still very important to the multichannel retail world — many bricks-and-mortar retailers still require EDI as their communication standard. Find out the benefits of Shopify Plus EDI integration to bring agility and scalability to your business.

For retailers coming out of the traditional, physical world of sales and moving towards ecommerce, EDI has likely already been figured out long ago. For the eCommerce retailer looking to move into the physical world of sales, EDI may be completely unknown. But with either path and for either retailer, the problem remains the same: how to integrate their ecommerce store with EDI.

VL OMNI has the expertise on both sides of the commerce world to bring a fully automated, scalable, and agile integration system to merchants of all types. With 26+ years of experience moving data, VL OMNI grew into the digital world of API data integration from our roots in EDI. Today, VL OMNI does EDI and API data integration within a single, unified system built on cutting-edge technology. And as a trusted Shopify Plus Technology Partner, VL OMNI has the expertise and experience in integrating one of the world’s most popular enterprise eCommerce platforms, Shopify, into a variety of applications — EDI, included.

Shopify Plus EDI Integration

VL OMNI provides integrations for merchants that are looking for agile and scalable data flow between their front-end Shopify Plus store and their back-end applications and needs like EDI. Merchants that are seeking that next level of robust integrations can work with VL OMNI to grow their business.

With our Shopify Plus EDI Integration solution, you can reduce manual processes and focus more on growth. Whether you’re an established business in eCommerce, brick-and-mortar, or somewhere in between, unifying your in-store EDI with your eCommerce operations is a strategic move that can quickly advance your business.

Integrating EDI with your Shopify Plus Store

At VL OMNI, point-to-multipoint, serverless, and bidirectional cloud data integration is our default approach. This is possible thanks to our the cutting-edge technology we’ve built. Our platform is fully enabled to process EDI transactions in the same ecosystem. APIs and EDI in the same serverless cloud-based data integration platform is a further step to agility and unification by removing at least one additional portal from the outset.

The VL OMNI platform has the ability to move data, including EDI, from a single application to many. We’re able to run workflows in parallel without interfering with other processes, and all VL OMNI Connectors can move data both into and out of any particular application. This is true for all VL OMNI Connectors as well as our EDI services.

Whether you’re looking to integrate your Amazon Vendor Central EDI need to Shopify Plus, need to translate your JSON from Shopify plus into EDI X12 Standards, are looking to sell in-store with Walmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Loblaws, Sobeys, Wallgreens, CVS, or any number of others who require EDI as their communication method, VL OMNI can do it, and all in the cloud.



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