Shopify Plus

Welcome to the gold standard of eCommerce.

Enter Shopify Plus, the enterprise eCommerce platform that powers the world’s fast-growing brands revolutionizing online retail. Hosting mega brands such as Good American, Zippo, and Staples, the core technology of Shopify Plus’ platform is one of the best in the industry.

Learn why we are a Shopify Plus Integration Partner

Shopify Plus + VL OMNI:
Making Your Integration Goals Possible

Brands powered by Shopify Plus looking to unlock their growth potential can partner with VL OMNI to reduce manual process, streamline operations, centralize and unify various sales channel.

Integrate your ERP, CRM, 3PL, OMS, PIM, and more with VL OMNI’s integration platform and managed services. We fit your business requirements to the integration — not the other way around.

Shopify Plus Workflows

This robust integration solution empowers merchants to sell more, ship products more quickly and grow sales.

  • Order Create
  • Product Create/ Update
  • Customer Create
  • Price/Promos
  • Inventory
  • Fulfillment
  • Others Possible

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Key Features of Shopify Plus

Built for Growth and Speed

Brands on Shopify Plus can handle high traffic spikes and major sales without crashing. Thanks to its unlimited bandwidth, high-speed checkout and 24/7 technical support.

Customize your brand and products

Enterprise-level brands can easily customize their online store and checkout. Plus, automate workflows and sell on mobile, online, in person, and anywhere in between.

Easily connect your systems with Shopify APIs

Shopify APIs have exceptional stability and are well-documented, making integration, customization and more possible for Merchants on the platform.

Plan your growth with a strategy that works

Launch your online story with a clear roadmap in mind. Grow your brand, backed by world-class ecommerce experts from the Shopify Plus Partner ecosystem.


You can save $55,000-200,000+

By partnering with VL OMNI over DIY and plug-and-play portals

VL OMNI is a Shopify Plus Expert

More than an integration platform, VL OMNI is a partner for agile and scalable eCommerce integration. Growing brands looking for an agile and robust integration solution come to VL OMNI, for our expertise with B2B and B2C commerce and EDI.

In 2017, we became a Shopify Plus technology partner. As a software-as-a-service integration platform, we value Shopify Plus platform for its webhooks and APIs, which allows for real-time data movement.

“They are Wizards in connecting Shopify to whatever!” 

Steve Hutt — Shopify Plus, Host of eCommerce Fastlane Podcast

VL OMNI Shopify Plus Partner Experts

VL OMNI Merchants have an average order value of $132 per integrated channel

The Benefits of System Integration


Say goodbye to:

Weak, bad customer experiences

Time wasted on manual processes

Disconnected Systems and Applications

Lack of fulfillment visibility

Say yes to:

Customized product orders

Easily manage the entire fulfillment process

Visibility into orders across systems  for fulfillment

Lower total cost of ecommerce

Amazon-like customer experience

Focus on growing without limits.
Automate the rest.

Let us be your Shopify Plus Integration Partner.