One Integration Platform for Connected Operations

With our VL OMNI integration platform, you can easily connect your different multichannel, ecommerce, or EDI systems together. 

Learn more about our iPaaS managed service and integrations for eCommerce, ERP, EDI, and more applications.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly move data from your ERP systems with other eCommerce applications. Learn More

Ecommerce Integration

Integrate product data and inventory from your eCommerce store or marketplaces with your ERP systems, EDI trading partners, logistics systems, and beyond. Learn More

EDI Integration

For the growing business faced with multiple retailers and trading partner EDI requirements, our EDI in the cloud Integration is key. Learn More

How We Do Integration

VL OMNI uses our cutting-edge technology to seamlessly integrate your business’s technology stack.

Our agile and scalable VL OMNI platform is iPaaS, meaning your business can grow in complexity.

Who Is Our iPaaS For?

VL OMNI is for enterprise brands with complex business needs looking for an agile and scalable integration solution that adapts to their business — not the other way around.

Why Choose Us?

Our integration platform allows merchants who have an eCommerce presence to move their data in ways that matter most to their customer experience and needs.

Key Features

  • Our Integration Connectors are serverless and pre-built.
  • Apply your specific business rules to enhance the CX.
  • Connectors are agile and scalable to change.
  • EU-GDPR compliant.

Our Integration Service Covers All Your Needs

VL OMNI’s iPaaS managed service covers eCommerce, multichannel, and EDI integrations for unlimited applications. Your business can now focus on growing your business and creating an exceptional customer experience.

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Overview of Managed Services

Get the expert integration support your business needs.

Below are the services VL OMNI offers:


Integrate product data and inventory from your ecommerce store or marketplaces with your ERP systems, EDI trading partners, logistics systems, and beyond.

Common Challenges

  • Juggling partner portals, spreadsheets, and partial application integrations
  • Hiring more people to get the job done
  • Lack of visibility that requires constantly overseeing processes 
  • Manual data entry errors
  • Seeing growth slow down and problems arise with every change or improvement

How We Can Help

Whether you’re running a Shopify, BigCommerce, or another ecommerce store, our iPaaS managed service can help unify your sales channels.

Our prebuilt Integrations Connectors can be configured to suit your needs. Enjoy real-time data movement across all your channels, partners, systems and applications.

eCommerce integration starts here!


With over 26 years of integration experience, we have covered various systems that have often required point-to-multipoint workflows.

Common Challenges

  • Juggling admin consoles and spreadsheets
  • Using various single-use partner portals to run the business
  • Seeing data errors as a result of manual data entry
  • Worried about not being able to scale
  • Running flat out to keep up

How We Can Help

The VL OMNI Dashboard gives you complete visibility into workflows and integrations. Thus, you can manage your major back-office operations across all channels through one single platform.

Our iPaaS managed service makes integrating data easy. With automation based on a thought-out strategy, you can spend less time managing processes and more time focusing on your business’ growth.


For the growing business faced with multiple retailers and trading partner EDI requirements, agile EDI Integration is key.

Common Challenges

  • Juggling multiple partner portals and spreadsheet
  • Hiring more people to get jobs and processes done
  • Having to pay charge-backs and compliance fees as a result of bad data
  • Using more and more single-use partner portals to run the business

How We Can Help

If you are a retailer looking to achieve efficiency from automating transactions, reduce data entry errors or move towards eCommerce, VL OMNI can help.

Integrate EDI trading partners and satisfy all their retail EDI requirements with our EDI integration solutions. Additionally, it can be used as a front-end validation system prior to data being exported to a host system.

Save time and grow sales

Streamline and automate your operations with VL OMNI. Integration starts here.