Connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP with Shopify Plus

Enterprise commerce used to be a complex task. But with the entry and effective take-over of the enterprise retail world by Shopify Plus, the barriers to highly integrated multichannel commerce are lower than ever — and the potential gains from this highly integrated ecosystem are just starting to be realized. From hyper-personalization to a unified customer experience at all touchpoints, Shopify Plus on its own is incredibly powerful. But Shopify Plus with the power of their Partner Community behind it is almost limitless.

With partners like VL OMNI, the Shopify Plus ecommerce platform is being extended out into more applications, supply chains, trading partners, and more via high-powered data integration built on incredibly agile and robust cutting-edge technology. It’s data integrators like VL OMNI that are able to help SMB, B2B, and enterprise-level merchants integrate their back-end technology stack fully with Shopify Plus.

Many merchants looking at or recently migrated over to Shopify Plus already know that the technology powering their back-end technology stacks are not the standard kits picked off a shelf. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a perfect example of the challenges enterprise-level merchants have in evaluating Shopify Plus. If you’re already using MS D365, you know there’s no out-of-the-box or plug-and-play integration that will magically connect MS D365 with Shopify Plus. It’s much too complex of an ERP and required effective integration solutions to do the job.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your Shopify Plus Store

]Like many enterprise-level ERPs, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is highly configurable and customizable. With an attached CRM, MS D365 comes with nuances around customer data that not all other ERPs have. The last thing any merchant wants to do as a part of a new or revitalized commerce strategy is to have to replace portions of their back-end technology stack. Least of all a critical part of the technology ecosystem like an ERP.

It’s important to find an integration solution that not only integrates Dynamics 365 tightly with Shopify Plus. But one that doesn’t force your business to change to fit the solution, and takes your discrete business rules into account as a part of the automated data transfer. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365-Shopify Plus Connector by VL OMNI, you can tightly automate data transfer between these two applications, and more. Whether you’re B2C, B2B, or truly multichannel, our Integration Connector meets your specific needs to create wholly integrated and automated systems.

With VL OMNI, point-to-multipoint, serverless, and bidirectional data integration is our default approach made possible by the cutting-edge technology we’ve built. This means our platform has the ability to move data from a single application to many, we’re able to run workflows in parallel without interfering with other processes, and all VL OMNI Connectors can move data both into and out of any particular application. All of this, of course, is true for our MS D365-Shopify Plus VL OMNI Connector as it is true of all VL OMNI Connectors.

Seamlessly connect your applications with agility

The VL OMNI platform also includes discrete business rules via our business rules engine as a part of all of our Connectors, applied directly to the data as it moves between applications. This means your data is treated exactly how your business needs it to be treated. We work directly with you to make sure all knowns and unknowns are planned and accounted for, keeping you agile and scalable for the long-run.

VL OMNI provides integrations for merchants that are looking for agile and scalable data flow between their Shopify Plus store and their back-end solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. With over 26+ years of integration experience covering systems that often require point-to-multipoint workflow, merchants that are seeking the next level of integrations can work with VL OMNI to grow their business.



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