Why Do Returns Cost So Much? Creating An Integrated Return Solution

There are many different Return solutions available to eCommerce Merchants today. Each one of them has a different ideological and strategic way of how returns can be done that benefits the business at low costs but also is designed to help enhance the customer experience for the customer. 

All these different solutions are valid. But when it comes to integrating that solution throughout your technology stack, you must pay attention to your strategic goals, brand values and how you want your customer experience to function. 

Sustainability is the watchword for 2022, and brands that have large catalogues with a high return rate such as fashion must begin to think about building sustainability processes into their business. 

This is a great, in-depth conversation about return solutions with sustainable practices. That combined smart and agile data integration processes throughout the rest of your technology stack.

Creating An Integrated Solution For Returns

In the last few years, the pandemic has accelerated the drive towards sustainability.  But many retailers are facing stiff competition online, and with inflation and costs of shipping increased, large returns rates are hurting businesses.

Watch the discussion with reCommerce expert Ben Whitaker from RMX and integration specialist Robin Smith from VL OMNI on the current returns landscape and the reCommerce integration solutions that are available to Shopify Merchants who want to improve their returns customer experience while creating sustainability.

Watch The Full Conversation Here

Watch The Full Conversation Here

The Different Attitudes Around The World Regarding Sustainable Returns. 

There are different attitudes that retailers around the world have regarding sustainable returns processes. New environmental regulations have made some retailers in the UK and EU hold themselves to a greater standard regarding how sustainable their business processes are and are published if their impacts go beyond the regulatory limits.

Watch Ben and Robin discuss the varying attitudes regarding the returns process and holistically and intentionally adding in sustainable practices throughout the business process. 

Why Is Data So Critical For Integrating Returns

When looking at creating a sustainable returns process, your biggest asset is your data. Your product, order data, customer data and how it’s integrated throughout the business are so important to a sustainable and economically viable returns process.

Watch Robin and Ben break down the front-end and back-end considerations that Merchants looking to create a sustainable returns process must pay attention. Integration is first and foremost a strategic exercise. When and how your data is integrated is key to creating a sustainable returns solution. 

Why The Returns Process Is A Broken Model

Why is the Returns process for many retailers a broken model? And why is reCommerce so important to retailers now? Watch Ben and Robin break down the substantial logistical issues facing eCommerce Merchants with Returns. They also dive deep into the concept of eCommerce, a new more sustainable way of dealing with returns inventory and overstock, which many brands are now seeing the importance of implementing. 

Why Merchant Should Pay Attention To With Their Returns Processes This Holiday Season

With Back-to-School, BFCM and the holiday season right around the corner. Ben and Robin have some practical steps for Shopify Merchants to consider when gearing up for the busy season. Returns are at an all-time high after the holiday rush so thinking now about sustainable integrated returns processes is key to having a successful high-growth season.


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