VL OMNI and Loop Partner To Bring Greater Return Integration Options to Scaling Brands

VL OMNI, a managed iPaaS service, announced today a new partnership with Loop. This will enable brands to integrate Loop’s return platform into their key business applications already managed by VL OMNI, including their ERP, WMS, and more.

Scalable data integration is a critical foundation for eCommerce success. The current pace of eCommerce innovation post-pandemic continues to accelerate the need for Merchants to adopt data integration in their business processes. Merchants who can quickly integrate and automate applications have an advantage, while those who can’t are at risk of losing customers through a poor customer experience. 53% of less successful Merchants have half or less of their development teams using agile software development practices, leaving them struggling to meet their customer’s needs at the right time. An agile and scalable data integration strategy is key to meeting today’s customer’s expectations.

The Loop-VL OMNI Connector will give brands access to a seamless return process, and will help them offer a great post-purchase experience – all while reducing the cost of returns. Plus, it’ll eliminate the need for manual data entry, and will enable brands to automate their returns at scale.

“It’s one thing to create a delightful post-purchase experience. It’s another to capture relevant data that empowers you to make informed business decisions. Our partnership with VL OMNI will not only make data flows easier within the returns process, but within a brand’s entire tech stack. ”

— David Dustin, VP of Partnerships, Loop.

VL OMNI empowers Merchants to accelerate their growth and sell across the eCommerce landscape with agility through our integration expertise and technical knowledge. With BFCM and the holiday season right around the corner, Merchants with the Loop-VL OMNI Connector can handle the increased pressure of high-volume orders and returns with ease.



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