SHOPIFY VS MAGENTO ???? – Which Is the Right Platform For You?

Shopify vs. Magento, which is the right eCommerce platform for your business? Is one eCommerce platform better for your business than the other? Let’s break down each platform, benefits, and capabilities for growing businesses.

Shopify or Magento: What is the Difference?

While Shopify and Magento both are leading eCommerce platforms, one may be a better fit for your business depending on your goals and needs.

We recommend not just looking at the features of each platform. While it’s very important, it is best to begin by looking at your strategic goals:

  • What are you trying to accomplish with your eCommerce platform?
  • What kind of customer experience do you want to create for your customer base?
  • How will you unify all your back-office operations and systems across your business? Do you have an integration strategy?

Shopify vs. Magento: Which eCommerce Platform Is Best For My Business? 

Once fundamental questions like the ones listed below are addressed, you can go back to look at each eCommerce platform for its functionality. With a strategic background in mind, look at what platform best accomplishes your customer experience and business needs.

Watch our Director of Marketing, Jessica Thiele tell you everything you need to know about Shopify and Magento.

Shopify Plus Platform Features

Shopify Plus is a leading eCommerce platform for the fastest-growing businesses. It includes the following benefits and functionality:

  • SaaS-based platform with a monthly fee the Merchant pays to the company to run the platform. 
  • Up-to-date changes and improvements to the platform
  • On-going feature changes and implementation of the latest technology to eCommerce software

Magento Platform

Magento’s top features include:

  • Open-source platform
  • Heavily customizable and flexible
  • Versions can differ with how up-to-date the technology is
  • Resource-heavy


Where Can I Find Strategic Advice? 

It’s always a good idea to seek expert guidance when making important decisions about your technology stack. 

VL OMNI has over 27+ years of integration experience working with several integration platforms. With many pre-built integrations for ERP, B2B, EDI or file-based integration, we provide you with strategic consultancy and solutions to integrate your systems.

For full disclosure, we are a Shopify Plus Integration partner, but also are application-agnostic and continue to integrate to all platforms. 



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