Headless Commerce In the GCC – In Conversation With Creative971

We all know that Headless Commerce is on everyone’s minds in North America as we head into 2020. But in the GCC region, the possbilities and opportunties are just beginning to reveal themselves to high-growth merchants. Take a look at our conversation between Jessica Thiele from VL OMNI and Julia Jackle from Creative971 as they discuss what Headless Commerce could mean in the region. Julia’s pointed question is answered.

What does it mean when someone talks about “Headless Commerce?

Headless is the next stage in ecommerce – focused on personalization. Removing the content management layer from the front-end of the webisite and moving into hyper-personalization.  Headless Commerce is API-driven, and Shopify Plus is well postioned for Headless Commerce, alongside their official Technology and Agency Partners, Creativ971 and VL OMNI.

Take a look at our brief convesation around Headless Commerce in the GCC 

As the video states, VL OMNI has a new, hotly anticipated ebook – “Headless Commerce: The Complete Integration Guide – where we dive deep and presents real considerations and implications of headless commerce and the coming new generation of ecommerce approaches. This guide focuses on different ways to approach headless commerce, to major issues and implications a headless future will have on the ecommerce and commerce industries, readers will come away with a true technical understanding of what it takes to become headless.




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