Using Data Beyond The Transaction: Developing A Unified Customer Experience – A VL OMNI Ebook

Merchants who are on experiencing rapid growth understand just how essential a tailored data integration strategy is for long-term stable growth. The right data integration solution or partner can save an ecommerce or mutlichannel retail business significant time, money, and manual data errors. But more importantly, your data integration strategy can and will affect your customer experience. Controlling and refining the customer experience is not a simple problem, either: the customer experience can take many forms, including everything from website interaction to last mile delivery.

Ultimately, data is the key to changing the supplier-retailer-customer experience relationship. Data is no longer just transaction information; those brands who are strategically looking at how their data informs their entire sales process are already going beyond the transaction. This is being actualized in a customer experience ecosystem as single profiles for each individual customer across all channels and portals in order to deliver personalized customer experiences expected by consumers. The key to creating these experiences is starting with agile, scalable data integration strategically across platforms in your technology stack.

This ebook is based off a well-received presentation given by VL OMNI that focuses on integration strategies for scaling brands that go beyond the transaction. Your data and how it moves allows your business to map out the customer experience you wish your customers to have, and to improve on it in strategic and tangible ways. We hope to encourage you through this ebook to discover just now necessary scalability and agility in your technology stack and data integration approach is to creating the ultimate customer experience.

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