Shopify Plus Integration Connector Information Sheet

VL OMNI is always creating new Connectors like the Shopify Plus Integration Connector. Built when we see the value for our merchants on our own dime, our practice of not passing development costs on to our customers when a Connector is needed across multiple use-cases is all a part of our driving mission centered on integrity and education.

Keep reading to see the information sheet for more details about this integration solution.

Introducing the VL OMNI-Shopify Plus Connector

Integrate Shopify Plus to your ERP system or more applications with our fully scalable and agile Shopify Plus Integration Connector. Merchants can move data from a single point to one or many, applying business rules directly to data as it moves and more, all built on cutting edge iPaaS technology.

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About Shopify Plus

Born out of Shopify — the world’s fastest growing commerce platform and home to over 600,000 stores — Shopify Plus launched in 2014 to provide high-growth merchants a customizable solution without the need for large investments of time, money, or resources.

Today, they’re not only eliminating costly builds and infrastructure that burns through development resources, they’re helping companies scale through ecommerce’s largest network of support and award-winning Partners.

Key Features of the Shopify Plus VL OMNI Connector Include:

  • Cloud Integration: Built on cutting-edge technology in serverless microservices for elastic and scalable connections. The VL OMNI Shopify Plus Connector helps you achieve more agility and speed.
  • Agile to Change Connectors: Easily and quickly modify your integration to meet changing business needs. This includes features such as replicating workflows for quick onboarding of new trading partners.
  • EU-GDPR compliant: VL OMNI is European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) compliant.
  • Business rules engine: We apply your business rules to the flow of your data for 100% data automation.
  • Real-time data movement: Move your data from one application to many in real-time or in batches. Modify your movement strategy at any time.
  • VL OMNI Dashboard: Get a full 360° view of your business and all of your integrations from a single, unified interface.

See our information sheet below and learn more about the Shopify Plus Integration Connector.



Want to Integrate Shopify or Shopify Plus To Your ERP System or Other Applications?

Learn More About the Shopify Plus Integration Connector

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