Why Do You Need Multi-Point Integration Powered By An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)?

Are you tired of static point-to-point integrations that don’t grow along with your business? Of course, you are! Find out the benefits of iPaaS (integration platform as a service) and why should consider it for your integration strategy.

When your business is starting out, using rigid solutions like middleware and plug-and-play integrations to automate your data between applications might work just fine. However, as your business grows, these integrations won’t scale along with your needs; they’re only designed to move data in the most basic ways.

We live in the future of data integration

There’s a solution for those retailers looking to move beyond middleware and into a data integration solution that accelerates their growth. In fact, a solution that keeps them agile to onboarding new tactics and managing change.

This is the age of iPaaS and VL OMNI

Growth usually comes hand-in-hand with adding and modifying channels, trading partners, and – of course – applications. This is cumbersome at best with middleware, point-to-point integration products, and other data integration products. But with an iPaaS solution such as the integration platform from VL OMNI, running your business is at the forefront and VL is the magic behind the scenes that makes it all happen.

From ecommerce platforms, ERP’s, fulfillment applications, marketplaces, and more, VL OMNI integrates your applications and systems together to create a seamless experience internally at the operational level and enhance the customer experience on the front-end.

But, what is iPaaS?

Welcome to point-to-multipoint data integration. Adding, modifying, or removing any integrations between any applications is no longer constrained to a linear function. With VL OMNI, data can be moved from a single application to many – and back again.

We at VL OMNI know that the usefulness of data in your organization is not limited only to the ways it can be moved between applications. It’s also about how data can be moved and transformed by automation in meaningful ways. With an iPaaS solution like VL OMNI, multichannel merchants can clearly define and separate data touchpoints across their application stack.

Not only does this mean that businesses using VL OMNI can automate the data between applications in ways that best serve their business requirements and use case, but that this movement can be done in a single workflow and can encompass any number of applications. Data is pulled from its source application, normalized and transformed according to your specific business rules, and then pushed across multiple platforms automatically — without errors, and in real-time!

Even better, VL OMNI Connectors are agile and scalable and can handle sudden increases in levels of activity without issue (like on BFCM).



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