Strategic eCommerce Consultation

Map Out Your Integration Journey With VL OMNI

What is VL OMNI’s Strategic Consultation?

Our Strategic Consultation service is a merchant-focused set of workshops designed by VL OMNI to help Merchants dig deep into their strategic integration vision, needs, and goals.

Mirror our onboarding process, our unique consultation service asks our Merchants to tell us their integration growth goals and we, in turn, spec out and technically go in-depth into their applications, data flow processes, and unique business rules to create a strategic, realistic integration action plan.

How Does Strategic Consultation Work?

Making ERP Integration Easy

Based individually on the needs of the Merchant, a series of workshops based on chosen workflows are set with our integration experts.

Take advantage of our technical expertise by going in-depth in mapping data flows throughout your application stack with your specific business rules in mind. Engage in testing and confirm if internal processes and API’s work before going live with your integration project. You can feel confident that your integration solution fits your business needs, instead of forcing your business to change to fit within a boxed solution.

We Don’t Put You Into A Box

Are you the right fit for VL OMNI’s Strategic Consultation?

Merchants who benefit the most from VL OMNI’s Strategic Consultation process are in need of actionable solutions that come vetted from experts in the field. You may not have an internal team technically skilled in integration and are looking to explore the opportunities and potential for integrations across your business. 

Verticals We Serve:

Manage your tech debt strategically:
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What is the ROI of Strategic Consultation? ​

Integration Solution

A integration solution that is tailored to your business requirements

Validated Data

Workflows that are validated against your data and availability

Define Your Stack

We help to define technology stack to meet your strategic goals.

Defining What's Possible

Creating a solution for your business around what is possible

Action Plan

Deeply technical actionable solution and validated action plan

Greater Opportunties

Navigate new business development opportunities

Strategic Consultation FAQ

The best person from your team to be a part of the VL OMNI Strategic Consultation process is anyone who touches the eCommerce process within the brand. That could include eCommerce managers, operation managers, and key IT personnel. 

To ensure a smooth experience, have a good idea of your strategic integration goals, relevant applications you use or wish to use, and come with an open mind to challenge your own ideas about what is possible. 

Meet Your Consultants

Robin H. Smith

Founder & CEO

Robin H. Smith is the Co-Founder and CEO of
VL OMNI for over 29 years. His years of experience in supply chain and data integration strategy is unmatched. He is passionate about helping scaling eCommerce merchants reach their full potential

Torrey Lapenskie

Director of Partnerships

Torrey Lapenskie is an integration specialist with years of solution development experience. A former graduate of Trent University, Torrey looks to create a positive customer experience with our Merchants.

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VL OMNI never works alone, we are the technical solution that connects multiple applications together and we work with the best. With our strategic consulting services, you can take advantage of the global partner network of relationships across agencies and other technology partners to bring to you our expertise and theirs to create a viable solution.
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