Four Case Studies on Customized Data Integration [Presentation]

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the benefits of customized data integration services like the one VL provides if you’ve never experience the benefits first hand – a catch-22 situation, to be sure.

So how can you discover how integration may help your company, without actually having experienced customized data integration? The answer is a lot simpler than you might think: case studies!

Not everyone has time to read the fantastic selection of case studies that VL has on our Resources Page. So we’ve taken our four most downloaded case studies from, Nemcor Inc., Listen To You Gut, and Bestar and have distilled their problems, solutions, and benefits into an easily-consumable presentation!

Keep scrolling for the full presentation, and the option to download your very own copy!

Virtual Logistics Inc. Presents

Four Case Studies on Customized Data Integration

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In summary, while there are a number of common themes that run between the four case studies, each data integration solution was designed and tailored to meet the needs and goals of each company. No two companies are alike, so why should their integration solutions be?

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