Why Integration Planning Is An Important Part of Solution Planning

Keep Integration Planning Front and Centre

When planning to solve business issues and looking at which technology is going to assist you to grow, it’s important to keep integration planning front in center. Understanding how your data moves within your organization should align with your business goals and that requires strategic integration consultation.

If you were to skip the step of integration planning and make integration an afterthought, in the end, you might come to realize that the applications you have implemented into your business have weak API’s or a lack of functionality or flexibility when it comes to integrating your data together across systems and across your entire organization. By keeping integration front and center while considering solutions to your eCommerce problems, you can ensure integration can be implemented with ease and efficiency. Keeping strategy in mind is everything.  

Benefits of Working with An Ecommerce Integration

The Benefits of Integration Planning

The benefits of integration planning, while you are solution planning, are trifold.

  • Don’t Get Caught Off Guard 

    New applications may not fit with your overall strategic goals, and by keeping integration front and center, you can assure yourself that new applications are strong and flexible enough to be integrated with ease. 

  • Know What Is Possible

    Doing deep technical consultation and solution planning before you buy a platform or application can help you ensure your strategic goals are realistic and possible. With VL OMNI’s strategic workshops, we allow customers to know before they buy if their strategic integration vision is possible. 

  • Insights Into New Opportunities
    Knowing what is possible with your applications and platforms of choice open a whole new world to future business development within your organization. New partnership and marketing opportunities may be available to you within your niche industry when you have eliminated the need for manual data entry and everyday operational issues. Your team can grow and expand at scale with proper integration processes in place. 

Marta Stanis, VL OMNI’s Digital Project Manager walks you through the key steps you need to be aware of when solution planning.

VL OMNI Can Help Create Actionable Solutions

Often growing Merchants don’t have a internal integration team. But they are looking for ways to broaden their integration capabilities are reduce the operational backlog and manual data entry headaches.

Taking time and planning strategy from the beginning with integration strategy front and center when making applications and platform decisions with experts like VL OMNI will help you craft a solution that is both deeply technical and actionable and ties in with your overall business strategy.




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