Using Data Beyond the Transaction To Better Understand Your Customer

Being able to extract meaningful information from operational data is key for multichannel retailers. But in order to be able to see the big picture, you need to bring together all the disparate pieces in a way that makes sense to your business and bottom line. Let’s dive into how to use customer transaction data beyond the transaction to craft exceptional customer experiences.

Developing a Unified Customer Experience

Often Merchants just think of their order data or customer data as a mechanical exercise, with no deeper use or meaning. However, those Merchants who are trying to reach hypergrowth understand their data is useful at the business level. Evaluating data to better understand buying habits, preferences helps create social predictive profiles and deliver personalized flawless customer experiences.

The days of “one-size-fits-all” are over. Today, customers expect personalized experiences. But, how can your growing brand draw the line between personalized and pushy? Merchants need to be able to understand their customers beyond the transaction.


Good Flowing Data – Personalize the Customer Experience With the Right Data

Remember, good flowing data between all your applications is the first step into achieving your complex business goals and improved customer experience. Data automation enables data to go to the applications it needs to in a strategic manner. Thus, Merchants can gain visibility into their business processes and customer experience to tweak and improve accordingly. By having a holistic view of customer’s behaviors and preferences, brands can round out their data sets and develop successful personalization strategies. The end goal is to evolve customer experience from purely transactional to meaningful.

Data integrators like VL OMNI help growing brands aggregate data sources from internal and external channels, including their online store and other e-commerce applications. Through the VL OMNI Dashboard, Merchants have a more complete view of customer segments and can break down data silos within their business. Consequently, this enables them to look at additional insights that inform personalization efforts.

Let our Implementation Coordinator, Bob Starr explain how to use data beyond the transaction to create the ultimate customer experience. 

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