Universal Integration or Managed Services: Which Integration Model Is Best For Your Business?

Wishing there was a magical universal integration connector? Unfortunately, there is no such thing. A prebuilt connector by a managed service proves to be a better business integration solution – here’s why.

Let’s dive into the differences between universal integration connectors and prebuilt connectors by a managed service.

The Reality About An Universal Integration Connector

Sophisticated Merchants know that with growth comes complexity and more indicate business rules their business needs to operate. One universal Connector could never accurately and sustainably integrate into all systems all of the time. Thus, one size fits all solution is not an effective option long term as your business grows and your needs shift.

Also, with this type of Connector, the responsibility of maintenance, error correction, and overall success is on your internal team. Therefore, this takes away time and energy from your team to focus on critical business tasks like customer experience management.

How A Managed Service Can Allow You To Have Flexibility and Scale 

A reliable managed services provider like VL OMNI seeks to eliminate integration complexity through end-to-end integration. We monitor and manage your processes 24/7, keep you informed about updates with automated alerts, and provide you with scalability to handle peak demands and grow your business. 

Our managed service powers prebuilt integration connectors that allow your business to seamlessly unify the flow of data across your business.

Ultimately, VL OMNI is your strategic partner to support your business-specific and unique rules and needs to evolve in the ever-changing commerce landscape.

Benefits of Using a Managed Service

  • Support 24/7: Integration service monitoring by our team
  • Agile to change prebuilt integrations: Our team updates our connectors regularly based on the needs of the changing eCommerce landscape
  • Strategic integration partner: A managed service like VL OMNI has years of integration expertise to guide Merchants in their integration journey. From consultation prior to the integration, onboarding, to the completion of the project (implementation), we help you create a robust integration strategy.

Business Integration at Your Service

If you’re looking to outsource integration and want expert guidance to meet your integration needs, we are here to help.



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