Are your integrations holiday ready – Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The dog days of summer may be here, but serious ecommerce businesses are already turning things up to 11 for Back to School (B2S) and Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM).

Did you know?: Amazon takes on 468 orders per second on Black Friday. That’s a lot of orders — and even more data — moved on a single 4-day weekend.

But if it was as easy as set up an ecommerce store and sit back and wait for the dollars to pour in, everyone would do it. Curating everything it takes to have a great B2S or BFCM season is tricky, strategic stuff, and not even the big guys are immune to issues on these huge selling days. For example, did you notice that something interesting happened this year on Amazon’s biggest sale day of the year, Prime day? It’s true that this year’s Prime Day had major technical glitches. This just goes to show that that truly no one is exempt from being properly prepared for order-overload. Not only do your individual applications need to be selected for fit and strategy and be up and running and ready to go for B2S and BFCM, but your data integration strategy and solution need to just as ready. As many examples we’ve reviewed in the past go to show, it doesn’t matter what applications or strategy you have in place for B2S and BFCM if your integrations can’t keep up!

So is your business ready for B2C & BFCM?

Watch our short clip of VL OMNI’s Robin Smith as he breaks down the need for scalable and agile data integration.



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