Shopify Plus for International Commerce

We all know that if used correctly, Shopify Plus can be a scalable and powerful e-commerce platform, especially for direct to consumer (DTC) brands. Being a hosted solution, Shopify has everything a merchant needs to launch, optimize, and scale their e-commerce brand. But what if you’re selling internationally? Is Shopify Plus a viable solution for international commerce? 

International selling can be a challenging endeavour for any brand. To become a globally recognized brand, having the right ecommerce platform is essential to allow you to reach all audiences. There are major considerations a DTC brand must take when going global, including multiple currencies and languages being just two of the most essential.

Luckily, our Shopify Plus Agency Partner, Avex Designs has created a complete ebook covering everything you need to know about taking your brand global with Shopify Plus.  Avex has created this in-depth ebook to help merchants navigate selling globally on Shopify Plus with integration considerations and expert insights from VL OMNI.

Here are some topics it covers:

  • Considerations when using Shopify Plus
  • Integrations with insights from VL OMNI
  • Shipping & 3PL
  • Content, Language & Multi-Currency
  • Multi-store vs single-store
  • Checkout
  • Brands selling globally with Shopify Plus

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