The Power of VL OMNI’s Integration Connectors

How VL OMNI approaches integration with our scalable and agile Connectors may be confusing to some people. Understanding how our Connectors work, or exactly how they give your business the flexibility to grow by reducing manual data errors on daily operations can sometimes take a certain level of technical knowledge. Never fear! We at VL OMNI wish to share our technical knowledge so every Merchant can understand how integrations are vital to growing at scale. Plus how our Integration Connectors work.

Data Integration 101

Now more than ever, your understanding of data integration informs your decision and your business’ ability to scale, grow, and build a more robust future for itself. Data integration enables your business to eliminate manual processes and seamlessly tie your systems together. Therefore, helping your business save hugely on time, money, and costly mistakes. While automating your back end systems is a complex exercise, having an integration strategy and a good understanding of your data will help your business rise to new levels.

Learn more about data integration and what it takes to implement an integration solution

How do the VL OMNI’s Integration Connectors work?

We find a metaphor to be the best way of illustrating these technical concepts. Our knowledgeable Growth Initiatives representative, Torrey Lapenskie has created and coined the VL OMNI Connector Highway Metaphor. Simply explaining how our Connectors are like a self-expanding highway through a large city. Reducing data traffic and allowing the data to get to the applications you need efficiently and at scale.

Let Torrey explain in-depth, the power of VL OMNI’s connectors – check out our latest video! 



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