Middleware Is Outdated & Why You SHOULDN’T Be Using It

Middleware is a thing of the past. It was an old-fashion system-specific software that allowed data to move from point A to point B for retailers back in the day. Today, robust eCommerce technology exists, including agile and scalable integration solutions.

Avoid agencies who continue to push Middleware software instead of modern, robust, and agile eCommerce solutions! It is in Merchants’ best interest to use the most up-to-date eCommerce solutions for their business. Those who continue to use middleware risk their data not moving in a holistic or error-free way.

What is Middleware?

Let our Implementation Coordinator, Bob Starr explain what Middleware is and how to move beyond it. Keep reading for an in-depth explanation on the limitations Merchants can experience with middleware.

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Limitations and Disadvantages of Middleware

In this fast-paced eCommerce landscape, technology needs to be able to keep up with changing customer needs and business goals as they come. Unlike agile cloud integration, middleware is not an elastic solution. Initially, middleware served as a mediator between disparate systems speaking “different languages”.

However, Middleware in the world of data integration is outdated as it’s difficult to configure, not agile to change, and not nearly as scalable as iPaaS solutions. Here are some limitations of middleware that prove this solution is not right for eCommerce growth:

  • Not Agile
  • Not Nimble
  • Outdated and not robust
  • Unscalable

The biggest issue with middleware is that it generally only moves data to move point to point – not a suitable solution for Merchants looking to streamline operations across their business. Conversely, iPaaS is built to do much more interesting things and connect applications in a multipoint manner.

It’s Time to Modernize

Middleware is as old as the dinosaurs in the eCommerce space. But it’s time to modernize! With new modern methods of data movement like APIs and GraphQL, VL OMNI and our agile and scalable Connectors can provide a holistic data integration solution way beyond what middleware used to do.

Growing merchants looking for an integration solution that fits their business, their needs, and business rules, and their strategies should be looking exclusively for an iPaaS solution. Having growth aspirations, becoming more competitive, and offering the best possible customer experience is all great, but with middleware, you’re essentially handcuffed by your data.

Are You Still Using Middleware?



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