Integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX to your Shopify Plus Store With Our Connector

Here’s how you can integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX to your Shopify Plus with the help of an agile and robust prebuilt Connector. More than a partner, VL OMNI is your expert in integration.

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Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX to your Shopify Plus Store

It’s no surprise that we see a lot of merchant requests to integrate various ERPs with Shopify Plus, Microsoft Dynamics AX notwithstanding. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX, like many ERPs at this level, is not a standard implementation: it’s a platform that can be highly customized both at the core application-level, and through extensions and external components. Merchants already using MS AX already know that there’s no out-of-the-box or plug-and-play integration solution that works with MS AX. Let alone a solution that effectively connects Microsoft Dynamics AX with Shopify Plus.


With many existing Connectors for both Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics AX in our library, our Connectors are 80% complete, with the remaining 20% configured to the specific needs of a business.

Through our consultative and managed service set up, we ensure the integration works perfectly from the get-go when it goes live. Any errors or customer support requests come to our internal experts; while most VL OMNI merchants have access to the VL OMNI Dashboard, none ever have to use a cumbersome self-service portal that leaves the responsibility of configuring your integrations up to you.

How VL OMNI Works with You

With VL OMNI, point-to-multipoint, serverless, and bidirectional data integration is our default approach made possible by the cutting-edge technology we’re built on. This means our platform has the ability to move data from a single application to many, we’re able to run workflows in parallel without interference with other processes, and all VL OMNI Connectors can move data both into and out of any particular application. All of this, of course, is true for our MS AX-Shopfiy Plus VL OMNI Connector.

With VL OMNI, merchants can also include discrete business rules via our business rules engine, applied directly to the data as it moves between applications. This means your data is treated exactly how your business needs it to be treated. Thereby, manual processes become unnecessary.

Shopify and Dynamics AX

A few short years ago, Shopify was known as the eCommerce plugin to get small merchants off the ground and running, faster, cheaper, and more effectively. Today, Shopify is firmly rooted in the upper SMB and Enterprise world with Shopify Plus. It’s not unusual to see Enteprise multichannel merchants running Shopify Plus as their eCommerce platform and looking to connect their ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics AX to their Shopify Plus store.

Shopify Plus roots power much more than just ecommerce — all possible via Shopify Plus’ Partner Program.

Full of vetted partners from all sorts of verticals, the Plus Partner Network extends the powerful Shopify Plus Platform into more applications, channels, partners, and more. This helps Shopify Plus merchants who have unique needs, are doing large volumes, and need to integrate their pre-existing technology stack to Shopify Plus, find the right partner and solution.

Partners like VL OMNI, a top Plus Partner and a Technology Partner since the start of the Plus Partner Program, are key to extending the Plus ecosystem well beyond the four walls of e-commerce. With our integration platform and managed services, we ensure your integrations are working at peak performance without forcing you to change processes or applications. This includes MS Dynamics AX.


We provide integrations for merchants looking for agile and scalable data flow between their front end Shopify Plus store and their back end solution such as MS AX. With over 26+ years of integration experience, we’ve covered numerous systems that required point-to-multipoint and not just a single workflow. Therefore, merchants that are seeking that next level of integrations can work with VL OMNI to grow their business.



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