The Impact of Good (or Bad) Order Tracking on Ecommerce Customer Experience

Guest Post by Brooklin Nash

Ecommerce has drastically changed how consumers approach shopping.

40% of people on the internet have purchased something on their computer or mobile device. That means there are 1 billion online shoppers today.

Competition in the online market can be fierce. One of the most important aspects of sealing an online deal and ensuring a good customer experience is the ordering process.

Here we take a look at how customers view order tracking and what type of impact order tracking can have on the customer experience.

Order Tracking 101: The Basics and Where it Is Going

When customers purchase products online, they want to know when their product will be delivered, how secure the delivery process will be, and when it will arrive.

Order tracking allows them to know these details. Customers can monitor processing and shipping details every step of the way. They expect communication with the company if there are delays in the delivery process and notifications when packages arrive.

Most online shoppers expect order tracking options when they make a purchase. According to one survey, 82% of customers indicate that proactive communication through every delivery stage is important to them. The same study found that 88% of consumers track their online order’s status.

In recent years, Amazon and Walmart have developed more advanced ways of order tracking and in-home delivery systems that address this need for more convenient delivery options.

Amazon Key allow drivers to enter your house to place your package right behind the door. Walmart is testing in-home delivery for groceries. These delivery methods use smart locks, cameras, and phone notifications to ensure security and convenience.

How Good and Bad Order Tracking Impact Customers

Online shopping and good order tracking options boil down to one thing: convenience.

A good order tracking experience allows customers to choose the delivery time that works for them and to stay in the loop with customer service along the way.

A bad order tracking experience makes it a headache to sign for the package during working hours, to drive long distances to a pick-up location, or deal with refunds if deliveries don’t happen.

Ultimately, a good ordering experience with active communication, tracking, and on-time delivery instill trust, loyalty, and a customer base that will advocate for your brand.

Customers will trust a company more when they constantly update customers on their order and fulfill the commitment they promised. A customer has high expectations for the delivery of their purchase. If those expectations are met, this company will gain their customer’s trust and loyalty.

Once a company has gained customer trust and loyalty, the company will discover that they have not just gained a loyal customer, but also an advocate.

Online buyers are quick to give reviews. With a good or bad experience, customers will share their experiences on reviews sites and social media. 68% of customers will write a review when asked to and they are more likely to if they have a negative experience. A good order tracking process will help a business get the positive reviews they need to keep growing.

A good order tracking experience allows customers convenience, freedom, and confidence in their purchasing decision. As an ecommerce company, it is imperative that you find an ecommerce platform that can equip you to automate your order tracking strategies.

Check out reviews on what systems other ecommerce sites have used to make their deliveries a success.

Brooklin Nash focuses on helping companies build their online brand with an engaging content marketing approach. With a bent for SaaS and B2B tools, Brooklin enjoys staying up to date and what can help SMBs grow. He currently works and lives in Central America as a “digital transplant.”



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