[Ebook] How To Reinvigorate Your Business Technology Stack: A Practical Guide Based On A Real Story

If you’re not ahead of change, you’re likely already behind.

Commerce has changed. It’s no longer about owning a single channel — whether it be ecommerce, bricks-and-mortar, B2B or B2C. Retail has evolved to embrace mutlichannel commerce, and many brands have added this new strategy into their own. Yet many of these same brands are still looking to their old, outdated technology or are pinning their hopes on a single-tenant solution: that one, mythical application that simply needs to be installed before it solves all your business’ woes. But why this disconnect between a cutting-edge front end and a outmoded technological back end?

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology that could power your business is less and less about confidently purchasing the best software on the shelf. Many businesses realize they are in trouble very late into the game thanks to their dysfunctional applications, out-of-date processes, and slews of work-arounds there to attempt to hold everything together. They believe their solution lies in one application — one that will sort a myriad of deeper, root problems across departments, functional areas, and the business as a whole.

But this is not an uncommon predicament. As anyone in the ecommerce or multichannel industry can attest, 1 year is a lifetime when it comes to the technology that powers multichannel businesses. And a decade or more is the equivalent of the passage of centuries. It can be easy to let things slide on a daily scale before the reality of the mess around you sets in.

In this case study, VL OMNI breaks down a real-life (anonymized) story of how one business’ call for a new, single application was in reality a masked call for a much larger project.

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Download the case study to understand how your business can learn about the benefits in creating a agile and scalable technology stack. Inside this document, you’ll learn:

  • How to arm your business with knowledge. Possessing a deep understanding of the problems within your business, coupled with a good understanding of what solutions are out there that might be able to fix them, is integral.
  • The importance of creating focused business goals for the project at hand well before looking for vendors or solution providers.
  • How agile, real time data integration for your entire technology stack can help your business accelerate growth.

Keep scrolling for a preview of VL’s How To Reinvigorate Your Business Technology Stack – When Upgrading One Application Really Means Upgrading Your Technology Strategy: A Practical Guide Based On A Real Story, or click the link below to download the full document.

Download High-Res Case Study PDF –How To Reinvigorate Your Business Technology Stack

Download High-Res Case Study PDF – How To Reinvigorate Your Business Technology Stack



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