Expectation vs. Experience: Reimagining the Customer Journey

With the ease and efficiency of Amazon and its Prime services, customers now demand easy, fast, and personalized customer experiences from brands. The challenge for many merchants is to align the customer journey so customer experiences exceed customer expectations. Find out how to create a powerful customer experience strategy that matches your customers’ expectations.

Customer Expectation vs Experience: Reimagining the Customer Journey

Merchants often spend significant amounts of money on building a beautiful and brand-worthy front end that will appeal and market well with their customers. Though this is necessary to build brand awareness and create brand community, Merchants often forget the essential but less sexy half of creating a customer experience.

Back-end applications are often siloed and put together with little to no strategy behind them. This creates endless problems in regards to order management, lost orders, manual errors, and ultimately creating a bad customer experience, that no amount of front-end beauty can hide. This is why it’s fundamental to identify your customer experience expectations.

Aligning Customer Experience with Customer Expectations

The back-end of any brand is the glue that holds the experience together. Having a beautiful and responsive front-end is just the first step! What makes a customer’s shopping experience seamless is a wellthoughtout strategy. This starts with understanding what CX (Customer Experience) takes to create.

You must seamlessly integrate your back-end applications with a growth strategy in mind. This will create and facilitate meaningful data movement throughout your business. When operational errors are minimal, customers have consistent communication about where their package is, and timely delivery, your brand wins. After all, the fact that your customer experience exceeds customer expectations means your brand is creating an omnichannel customer experience. This is key to creating a customer experience that brings your customers back again and again.

Let Jessica, Marketing Director of VL OMNI explain how your customer expectations must match the experience offered by your brand.

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