eCommerce for B2B Sellers

Key B2B Considerations To Sell Online

Are you considering branching into B2B commerce?

Here's what you need to know.

So you’ve decided to expand into business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce but have no idea where or how to start. You’re not alone. Merchants across the world are looking at the benefits of offering their products and solutions through the business-to-business market. We’ve compiled key B2B considerations you need to assess before jumping on the B2B bandwagon.

What do you need to know about eCommerce as a B2B Merchant?

Growing buyer demands and changing wholesale channels are encouraging B2B sellers to rethink their whole approach to selling. 

In general, many businesses first jump in or expect results from B2B eCommerce without fully understanding how different B2B is from direct to consumer (D2C) selling. The key is to research and plan strategically.

Our eCommerce for B2B Merchants guide explores the myriad of B2B considerations and eCommerce best practices you need to keep in mind to sell online and grow at scale.

In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • – What is B2B eCommerce?
  • – B2B vs B2C eCommerce
  • – The Benefits of B2B eCommerce
  • – Different B2B eCommerce models
  • – Common B2B Misconceptions
  • – Key Front-end and Back-end Considerations
  • – How to Craft A Great B2B Strategy For Long-term Success 

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Our B2B Integration Process

With B2B eCommerce growing at an accelerated pace, a clear and sophisticated B2B integration strategy is key to creating great shopping experiences. If you’re in manufacturing, wholesale, or retail, you’ve probably got a lot of questions about B2B integration.

With 26+ years of integration experience, VL OMNI can help you develop a strategic plan that takes into consideration what your existing technical infrastructure can handle and invest in technology that has the capability to give you strategic results.

Integrate your data, applications, systems and platform seamlessly with B2B integration powered by VL OMNI.


  • Co-consultation and technical discovery
  • Matching integration goals with project deliverables
  • Meshing strategy with technology/applications
  • Expert insight on multichannel commerce and back-office system integration
  • Consultative B2B integration solution build


  • Thorough technical onboarding
  • Informing technical requirements
  • Providing detailed B2B integration project outline
  • Working directly with all stakeholders
  • Launching Connectors in line with project deliverables


  • Agile and cost-effective changes and additions
  • Ongoing consultation on new objectives and strategies
  • Ongoing access to the VL OMNI project management team
  • Continuous thought leadership
  • Fast response for Merchants and Partners

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We hope this guide serves as a roadmap to start your B2B eCommerce journey. The checklist explores the myriad of B2B considerations you need to keep in mind to succeed today. Your B2B business can leverage eCommerce successfully too!

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