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ERP Integration 


 Bradford, Pennsylvania 


Shopify Plus
ERP Integration


Accelerate revenue results, better connect with their customer, and enhance the Brand.


Lighters and accessories 

This case study highlights how Zippo was able to accelerate revenue results and enhance customer experience thanks to eCommerce integration. With the help of Chief Digital Advisors, VL OMNI, Shopify, and ShipperHQ, the retailer has been able to reduce cost and operational complexity. 

How did VL OMNI configured the Shopify Plus and ERP integration?

VL OMNI was introduced to the project to implement a bi-directional eCommerce integration between Shopify Plus and Zippo’s ERP system. VL  quickly configured a Shopify ERP integration that meets the complex set of requirements necessary for Zippo to manage and approve customized product orders and seamlessly transport approved orders between systems for fulfillment.
In fact, the solution provided comprehensive error reporting that followed internal IT guidelines. This ensured that any errors in data would be highly visible within Zippo, improving issue resolution time

Access the full case study below to learn about how this iconic global company achieved these stellar results: 

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